Myst engulfing DS

Seminal first-person puzzle adventure headed to Nintendo handheld in Europe this November; no US release announced.


Before The Sims broke its record in 2002, Myst was the best-selling PC game of all time, moving more than 12 million copies worldwide. This year, more than a decade after its mixed fortunes on consoles, the storied point-and-click adventure/puzzle franchise finally arrived on handhelds. Last June in Japan, Sega published a version of the game for the PlayStation Portable, which will be published later in the year in Europe by Midway Games.

Today, Midway has announced that Myst is also headed to the Nintendo DS across the Atlantic. Unlike the PSP version's vague release date, the DS edition has a release window of November in Europe. The newest rendition of the classic features source code rewritten to accommodate Nintendo's handheld and includes new audio and visuals. As with the PSP version, the upcoming DS version will contain bonus content from the Rime Age.

Unfortunately, whether Myst will turn up on stateside DSs remains unclear. Midway does publish Myst games in North America, where, somewhat ironically, French publisher Ubisoft holds the rights to the license. US Ubisoft reps had not responded to queries about the possibility of a DS Myst.

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