MySims SkyHeroes takes wing on 360, PS3, Wii, DS

EA bringing its spin-off life-sim franchise to Microsoft's, Sony's console for first time this fall.


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The Sims 3 won't be the only installment in Electronic Arts' life-simulation franchise that will be expanding onto new platforms. Though it has historically limited releases in its MySims spin-off line to Nintendo's systems, EA said today that it will bring the series' latest installment, MySims SkyHeroes, to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for the first time. Coming also to the Wii and DS, MySims SkyHeroes is scheduled for release worldwide this fall.

MySims SkyHeroes also has boss battles.
MySims SkyHeroes also has boss battles.

EA won't just be introducing new platforms to the series with the release of MySims SkyHeroes. "We are thrilled to have many firsts with MySims SkyHeroes, like introducing epic boss battles, cooperative gameplay missions, and online multiplayer," said Sims Studio general manager Scott Evans.

SkyHeroes' storyline revolves around a fleet of resistance fighters who take up arms against the villain Morcubus and his drone army. Players begin their career as an unknown rebel fighter pilot and eventually progress to the ranks of top ace in the resistance's air force. Customization will also play a role in SkyHeroes, as gamers can tweak and tune their aircraft's parts and change its color.

In addition to the game's single-player campaign, SkyHeroes features both split-screen and online multiplayer modes. The multiplayer component allows up to 10 players to engage in both cooperative and competitive dogfights.

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