Myelin bets on Stacked

Texas Hold 'Em poker game featuring card shark Daniel Negreanu announced for the Xbox and PSP.


Few activities have exploded into the mainstream this year like Texas Hold 'Em and other variations of poker. Thanks to the multitude of poker shows on cable, virtually every citizen is familiar with the terms "all in" and "pocket rockets." Poker's popularity is such that ESPN is broadcasting an original TV series about the poker circuit named Tilt, and the Matt Damon flick Rounders is being watched more now than it was when it was released in 1998.

Myelin has decided to cash in on the poker phenomenon by announcing Stacked with Daniel Negreanu. The game, in development by Reno-based 5000ft, has officially been announced for the Xbox, PSP, and PC and is slated for release on "other video game consoles" this summer.

Stacked will feature a career mode that pits players against some of the best poker players in the world, including Josh Arieh and World Series of Poker runner-up David Williams. Stacked also features Poki, an advanced artificial intelligence engine that is the product of 10 years of research by the University of Alberta's Poker Research Group. Poki simulates playing styles from poker pros by adjusting to each gamer's playing style.

Those who prefer to take virtual money from real people can hop online and play a friendly custom game with buddies, or they can compete in large multitable tournaments akin to the format used in the famed World Series of Poker, though without the $10,000 entry fee.

Daniel Negreanu was the ESPN and World Poker Tour player of the year for 2004. Negreanu's relaxed attitude--in fact, his mother still packs his lunch for tournaments--and boyish chattiness underlie his cunning poker play. Gamers will be able to get insight from the star via full-motion video lessons that are included in the game.

We'll have more on Stacked with Daniel Negreanu as the game approaches the final table.

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Man online sounds awesome. It would also be cool to have big tournaments.

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