My World, My Way Hands-On

Prep that lower lip and put on your best sulky face, because pouting is the only way to get ahead in Atlus' absurd but hilarious role-playing game.


Originally titled The World Revolves Around Me, My World, My Way was renamed to avoid confusion with another game, but both of these titles are incredibly appropriate to describe this wacky role-playing game that doesn't take itself very seriously. Developer Global A was also responsible for Master of the Monster Lair, another absurdly funny game, which included an overly friendly but garrulous shovel. This time it's about an unbelievably spoiled and bratty princess who pouts all the time to get her way.

Spend pout points to start the battle the right way--your way.
Spend pout points to start the battle the right way--your way.

The life of a princess isn't easy, especially when Elise sets out to find the perfect boyfriend--someone with "level 99 in handsomeness." The rich and self-absorbed girl falls for a handsome young adventurer, who recognizes Elise for what she is and refuses to take an interest in her unless she gains some experience in the real world. Obviously used to getting what she wants, Elise is flabbergasted but makes the decision to cut her long golden tresses and swap out her glorious wardrobe for something more fitting and then sets off in search of adventure. Luckily for her, her father knows that she is far from capable of protecting herself and sends a seasoned warrior to tag along in shadow, ensuring that she will be safe. Elise embarks on her silly little adventure, helping the locals by doing quests that they give her. Little does she know that the mayor and store owners are actors that Nero, the warrior, set up to help guide her in the right direction.

My World, My Way is all about Elise and her needs. It plays out like a turn-based RPG, in which you'll fight monsters to level. You'll be able to attack and have your parrot learn and cast magic for you. What's different and ultimately the most hilarious feature of this game is that you have pout points, which you can use to get your own way. Don't feel like fighting a particular monster? Pout and get rid of one or spend more pout points and get rid of them all. Want more experience points? Pout and increase the number of experience points you earn. Don't like the terrain? Change it to a dancing forest if you prefer. Want to attack first? Pout. Want the enemies to stop attacking? Pout. Elise has access to a lot of useful skills by pouting, as long as you have the pout points to execute them. You can even have entire fetch quests completed for you once you've achieved a high enough number of pout points and have mastered the art of pouting.

If you're familiar with Master of the Monster Lair, you'll recognize the mimic slime, how the dungeons work, as well as the funny references that Nero makes in regard to dungeon building. You'll encounter a cute pink slime early in your travels that will mimic the enemies you fight, meaning that it can learn spells, boost its stats, and wear weapons and armor. With all this help, and from what we've played, it seems like Elise is in good hands. Unfortunately, you can't pout to gain instant levels, but you can manipulate practically everything else to get you there. The inn is free, and you can eat meals each day to boost your own stats so that you can be prepared to set off into the wild.

Meet Pinky, your travel companion.
Meet Pinky, your travel companion.

Since the game isn't meant to be taken seriously, the music does a great job of ensuring that the feel of the game is lighthearted. The dialogue is also very well done, and it's easy to forget that it was originally a Japanese game. Visually the game is colorful and provides a solid template for your adventure, even if the environments do start to look the same after a while.

My World, My Way is totally worth checking out because of how ridiculous Elise's character is. She's snooty, spoiled, and self-centered, and deep down inside, we all wish we could get our own way all the time--or this might bring up bad memories of someone you actually know. Regardless, the conversations that Nero has with himself are incredibly amusing, especially when tutorials are sneaked into the soliloquies. Who knows, maybe Elise will win the affection of that charming young man by learning a thing or two about life outside the palace walls. This adventure is yours to mold and manipulate when My World, My Way is released on February 3, 2009.

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