My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Will Hit US Theaters In Early 2020

The movie follows the final battle that Midoriya, Bakugo, and the rest of their classmates will have together.


If you haven't gotten enough of My Hero Academia, don't worry--the next movie is coming to North America soon. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will debut in Japan this week, on December 20, while international audiences will need to wait for 2020 for an official release.

In a blog post, Funimation announced that My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will release in US and Canadian theaters in "early 2020." No additional information was provided beyond that, so fans will have to wait a little longer for an exact date. The post did not clarify whether the movie would simultaneously release in both the original Japanese and English dub, but--considering 2018's My Hero Academia: Two Heroes did--it's probable Heroes Rising will as well.

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Heroes Rising jumps far ahead of the arc currently being told in the anime, telling the story that My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi originally planned as the final chapter for the shonen series--depicting the last battle that Class 1-A ever has together before graduation from U.A. High School. Based on the two most recent trailers, the movie certainly seems to be at the end of the My Hero Academia timeline as we see members of Class 1-A using their Quirks in ways they haven't learned in the anime yet. Midoriya safely fights with One for All at 100%, for example, while Tokoyami controls Dark Shadow while in darkness, and Kaminari manages the amount of electricity he produces and fires his Electrification Quirk without the need for his Sharpshooting Gear.

The new trailers offer a first in-depth look at the movie's main villains as well. Primary antagonist Nine is shown to possess nine Quirks and even has the ability to take One for All from Midoriya by force. He's joined by Slice (who can seemingly fire blades from her hair), Mummy (who can seemingly control others like puppets after he's wrapped them in cloth), and Chimera (who appears to have enhanced strength).

If you're looking to catch up on the anime, the current season of My Hero Academia is airing this season and is one of GameSpot's must-watch anime of Fall 2019. If you're looking to catch up in time for Heroes Rising's release, however, you should start reading the manga--which should be a lot easier with Shonen Jump's new subscription model.

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