My Chemical Romance woos Guitar Hero II, Stone Roses rock GHIII

Three more songs from <i>The Black Parade</i> added to Activision's downloadable setlist, while Stone Roses' "She Bangs the Drums" is confirmed for Legends of Rock.


When Activision first announced Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 last September, it promised exclusive downloadable songs. Four months after the game's April release, the publisher made good on that promise today with the release of a My Chemical Romance song pack on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The My Chemical Romance song pack includes three songs from the band's 2006 album The Black Parade: "Teenagers," "This Is How I Disappear," and "Famous Last Words." Another song from the same album--"Dead!"--was among the 10 songs added to the Guitar Hero II setlist when the game was ported to the Xbox 360 from the PlayStation 2.

This is the fifth downloadable song pack to arrive on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but the first to introduce new material to the franchise. The previous downloadable packs each contained a trio of tracks from the first Guitar Hero game, which was never released on the Xbox 360. These included songs like Queen's "Killer Queen," Ozzy Osbourne's "Bark at the Moon," and Motorhead's "Ace of Spades."

Like previous track packs, the My Chemical Romance download sells for 500 Microsoft points ($6.25). A 46MB high-definition trailer showing the songs in action is also available for download.

[UPDATE]: Activision today also released a bit of news for the next Guitar Hero game as well. When it releases later this year, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock will include on its setlist "She Bangs the Drums," "as made legendary by" The Stone Roses. The track was a single from the band's self-titled 1989 album, which has been named multiple times as the best British album of all time, including by a 2004 Observer Music Monthly poll, and last year by the writers of British weekly music magazine NME.

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