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Tenatively titled CMX, the sequel to Championship Motocross 2001 will be the first PS2 motocross game, and will combine Championship Motocross's popular gameplay with the PS2's graphical muscle.


THQ announced today that it will be bringing its Championship Motocross series to the PS2. Tenatively titled CMX, the sequel to Championship Motocross 2001 will be the first PS2 motocross game, and will combine Championship Motocross's popular gameplay with the PS2's graphical muscle.

Like the other games in the series, CMX will be endorsed by Ricky Carmichael, 4-time AMA National Champion. The game will feature 28 actual motocross riders from the 125cc, 250cc, and freestyle ranks. Mike Larocco, Jeff Emig, Greg Albertyn, Carey Hart, and Mike Jones have all been announced as being in the game, and THQ no doubt plans to include even more popular motocross riders. Each of the riders will have their correct signature moves, as well. For instance, Carey Hart will have his Hart Attack and Tommy Clowers will be able to perform the Catwalk. If you don't feel like racing as one of the professionals, you can create your own motocross rider with the game's comprehensive create-a-rider mode. Not only will you be able to change the appearance and stats of your custom rider, but you'll also be able to change plenty of little details, like sponsorships. The game will feature 25 tracks that represent actual motocross, supercross, amateur, and freestyle courses from around the world. THQ plans to include Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Championships, the Chevy Trucks US Motocross Championships, the Free Ride Moto-X Championships, and, of course, the THQ US Open. To keep players busy, CMX will feature at least six different multiplayer modes, including a challenge race, stunt showdown, and target jumping mode. While all the details of the single-player mode hasn't been announced, the game will feature a unique freestyle and racing career mode with cash incentives, sponsorship deals, and factory offers.

The game should sport a fairly realistic physics engine, and THQ promises the game will feature tight, responsive controls and behavior like wheelies, stoppies, tail whips, burnouts and more. CMX uses a modified and enhanced version of the Jet Moto 3 engine, and brings a few new elements to the table. Though you don't have to switch gears, the motorbikes have a clutch. You'll have to operate the clutch successfully to place first in any of the races. Also, the rider's weight on the bike will have a dramatic effect on the physics engine. Each of the bike's two tires will have individual friction, and will directly affect the bike's handling. Leaning forward while climbing a hill will make your rear tire spin out, while leaning back will give you more traction and more control. While the physics are still in a very early stage at this point, Pacific Coast Power & Light has made a very impressive start.

At this point the graphics look much better than the PlayStation version, but aren't as clean as some other PS2 games. Since the product is in a very early stage at this point, the graphics will no doubt be refined and tweaked by the time the game ships. Like the other games in THQ's motocross series, CMX will feature a licensed soundtrack from actual bands involved in the motocross underground.

CMX is being developed by Pacific Coast Power & Light and is scheduled for a mid-2001 release date.

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