Mutant Year Zero Movie Is In Production

Duck season will soon be upon us as Dux and Bormin hit the big screen.


Funcom's 2018 release Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is getting its own full-length animated film. The movie will be directed by indie director Hasraf "HaZ" Dulull, who also directed 2036: Origin Unknown and The Beyond, as reported by IGN. His company, HaZ Films, alongside Pathfinder, will be handling production.

Mutant Year Zero's theatrical debut will be rendered in CG using the Unreal Engine. HaZ explains, "We have spent many months (before COVID) developing a unique and efficient pipeline that streamlines the way we produce our animated films with Unreal Engine powered by Nvidia’s Quadro RTX graphics." In theory, this will allow the filmmakers to bring the magic they loved in this game to the big screen.

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"I fell in love instantly with the characters of Dux and Bormin, I remember playing the game and just smiling throughout all the cool character moments they had including some hilarious quips, reminding me of moments I love in the great buddy cop style movies." Finding so much to enjoy while playing is what ultimately drew HaZ to the project.

"I am excited to say there is going to be some pretty insane, edge of the seat, wall to wall action like you have never seen before, driven by emotionally charged and extremely witty characters throughout, whilst having a strong story that is full of twists and mystery." The director has plans to take these character moments and dynamics and allow them to shine in the film alongside action and intrigue.

Itching to see what all the buzz around Mutant Year Zero is about? Check out GameSpot's Mutant Year Zero review and see for yourself! The game did have an expansion that's necessary to complete the main story, but it comes packed into the deluxe edition.

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