Mutant League Football returns on Kickstarter

Michael Mendheim launches crowdfunding campaign for sequel to Sega Genesis professional football parody game.


Mutant League Football creator Michael Mendheim has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a sequel to the Sega Genesis professional football parody game.

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The campaign is seeking $750,000 by October 16. At press time, funding stands at $130 from three backers. The game is scheduled to launch in summer 2015.

The untitled Mutant League Football sequel is aiming for release on Xbox 360, PC, and mobile platforms. The game will be released on the Xbox One if funding hits $2,250,000 and PlayStation 4 if funding reaches $3,000,000.

According to its description, the Mutant League Football sequel will be the "most violent game ever played" in the series. It will pay homage to the Sega Genesis original, while building on that foundation with "deep strategy, creature customization, over-the-top violence," and "gross out humor."

The original Mutant League Football was published by Electronic Arts. Mendheim said it would have been "terrific" to work with the company again, but made clear that he was instead interested in having "full creative control" over the new game.

The new Mutant League Football game will allow gamers to play alone or go head-to-head with others. Players will be able to adjust the length of game and levels of violence, and participate in a single game, playoffs, or a full season mode.

In addition to the moment-to-moment football tactics like deciding when to punt or go for it on 4th down, players will also need to be wary of the health of their players. The Mutant League Football sequel will also feature "enforcer" players, field obstacles, hazards, player weapons, and "dirty trick plays" like throwing a bomb.

Mendheim is working with Tony Hawk Shred developer Robomodo on the Mutant League Football sequel. The Chicago-based independent developer will help with art direction and production.

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