Musician confirms Little Big Planet 2?

Pulled Twitter update by composer claims "Infotain Me" licensed by Sony for use in new installment of Media Molecules acclaimed platformer.

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Source: Musician Christopher Leary, in a Twitter update captured by Shacknews before being deleted.

What we heard: Media Molecule seemed to be adamantly opposed to a creating a sequel to its customization-heavy PlayStation 3 platformer Little Big Planet in November. Responding to a job listing that indicated a sequel could be on the way, level designer Danny Leaver said that the studio would "never want to" create a Little Big Planet 2. "That'd be the most counterproductive thing you could do, I think," he said.

Well, if a Twitter update by composer Christopher Leary is to be believed, it would appear as if Leaver's opinion has been overruled. Over the weekend, Leary tweeted: "Pleased to announce the licensing of 'Infotain Me' to Sony for Little Big Planet 2 on PS3." Shacknews managed to capture an image of the Twitter update before it was pulled from the social-networking site.

Will Sack Boy be making a triumphant return?
Will Sack Boy be making a triumphant return?

According to Leary's Web site, the Newcastle, England-based musician has contributed tunes to a handful of games in recent years, such as independent projects Whizzle and Euclidean Crisis. He has also released two full-length albums, with a third due later this year.

Little Big Planet has been one of Sony's most successful PS3-exclusive titles. The game received critical praise, as well as multiple industry awards upon its October 2008 release, having achieved platinum sales by the end of that year. In March, Sony acquired Media Molecule outright, shortly after the Surrey, England-based studio shipped a version of Little Big Planet for the PSP.

However, it should be noted that musicians and other outside talent have a notoriously spotty track record when it comes to properly naming the projects their work will appear in. Most recently, Jimi Hendrix's estate holder trumpeted the fact that the legendary guitarist's music would be turned into "a new edition of Rock Band." But, unlike the upcoming Rock Band: Green Day, said "new edition" turned out to be downloadable content for the existing Rock Band platform.

The official story: Neither Leary not Sony had responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus…for now. Despite the clear hit potential of a second installment in the Little Big Planet franchise, Media Molecule has expressed strong opposition to creating a follow-up from fear of fracturing the game's player community. However, were the studio able to finagle a way in which the work of Little Big Planet's 2 million-strong community could be made forward compatible with a new game…

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