MultiVersus Toast Guide: What They Do And How To Get More

You'll want to stock up on these to show some appreciation to your friends and opponents.


WB's crossover fighting game MultiVersus has two main types of currency to keep up with: Gold (earned in-game) and Gleamium (purchasable premium option), so you'd be forgiven if you're a little curious about a somewhat overlooked third currency known as Toasts. Though Toasts function differently than Gold and Gleamium, you'll soon find that they're more useful than you initially think--so let's dive into what Toasts are and how to get more of them.

What Toasts are and how to use them

Unlike Gold and Gleamium, Toasts aren't used to purchase cosmetics of any sort within MultiVersus. Instead, they're used to, quite literally, "toast" players at the end of matches. By giving someone a Toast, you're essentially saying that you think they did a solid job in the match and that you respect the time they took to play with you.

You can give toasts to teammates and opponents at the end of a match by clicking the icon that shows up above their banner on the results screen. Even more, this gesture of goodwill has an actual payoff, since each person who receives a Toast will also earn 25 Gold. Given the fact that Gold is earned a bit slowly, granting others this nice little boost is almost certain to be appreciated, and they may just return the favor.

It may seem minor at first, but earning 25 Gold pretty consistently from receiving Toasts can really help you save up for character unlocks and perk purchases, so it's often worth giving a Toast in hopes of receiving one in return.

How to get more Toasts

The downside of Toasts is that they can be a bit difficult to come by without spending Gold. This makes them very valuable, as your goal is usually to earn Gold, not lose it. So unless you're just overflowing in unneeded Gold, you'll want to look for other ways to get Toasts. Here is every method of obtaining Toasts currently known:

Unlocking Battle Pass rewards

Toasts are a relatively common reward in both free and regular Battle Pass tracks. By completing daily quests and seasonal milestones, you can work your way through the Battle Pass and unlock these extra Toasts quite easily.

Leveling characters to level 3

Every character in the game has their own mini-Battle Pass built into their leveling process. By reaching level 3 on any character, you can earn 5 Toasts. Considering this should only take around 3 matches to achieve on average, this is one of the most efficient methods for obtaining Toasts early on in your time with the game.

Spending Gold

If your main goal is to reward other players and you're not concerned with being cost-effective, your last resort option for Toasts is to simply purchase them. 10x Toasts will run you 350 Gold, meaning you'll be in a 100 Gold deficit even if all ten players you toast decide to toast you back. But that's okay with you, you selfless gift giver.

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