Multiple Ubisoft Games Having Server Issues On PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC (Updated)

Online services are down.


Update: The server issues have been resolved. The original story is below.

If you're looking to hop online with Rainbow Six: Siege or Ghost Recon: Wildlands tonight, you might not be able to. These two titles, and several other Ubisoft games, are currently facing connection issues on multiple platforms.

Ubisoft sent a message to its followers on Twitter confirming it is aware of the issues, and noted that it is working to resolve them.

Expect intermittent disconnections and longer queue waits for multiplayer, and don't expect to be able to reach other online services, forums, and websites. Seven different Ubisoft games on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360 are being affected at the time of publication.

The following titles are currently facing connection issues:

Tonight's connection issues seem to be following a recent string of server issues for Ubisoft titles. On January 4, it seems a similar issue occurred to several titles, including Rainbow Six: Siege, on Xbox One.

Ubisoft has not confirmed what the root cause of these issues are, but these titles are far from the only ones being impacted today. Fortnite and Fortnite Battle Royale are also facing service issues, but only after updates addressing Intel's Meltdown vulnerabilities.

Ubisoft's latest update at 8:30 PM EDT stated that the support team is still working to resolve tonight's connection issues. More updates and information on the situation is available in a forum post here.

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Congrats Ubi, you're actually useful for once

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What about ps3? Dam you ubisoft.

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Wasn't able to log in last night to play Black Flag. Tried again this afternoon and it took me two tries to start the game due to a server issue.

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Fortnite was having server issues for like 4 hrs and within 15 mins of them being disrupted they'd posted on all their feeds and reddit that they were updating the servers that their cloud service runs on to host all the virtual servers (to fix the meltdown vuln as per article). Which TBH is completely appropriate (considering the problem was being patch then and there and that was why the servers were unstable) so no idea why you're comparing that to Ubisoft's servers all being down and them not stating immediately what the problem is and what they were doing about it. (Ubisoft is probably having to do the exact same thing as Epic but my problem is the article doesn't point out this difference, and the difference is how each company chose to communicate to its customers about what was going on). Anyway entire article is pretty stupid.

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Uplay is great.

Ubi Soft deserve a lot of credit for giving many free pc games to their fans.

Because of that policy i bought some games on Uplay

And so far everything works great.

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Ubisoft still hasn’t been taken over I guess Ubisoft is save by know .

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You don't hear anybody else complaining about this and Overwatch being multiplayer online only.

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LMAO had a good laugh reading that. Just reflecting on what their saying lol. Oh this is good. This is pretty much all the time with Ubishit servers LMAO.

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PS3 Master Race.

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@Berserk8989: 360 only listed because they have AirMech Arena. lol, even after the gen is over the PS3 has no games meme is still alive.

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Online digital games for the win.

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Poor games, poor support!

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@millionsedge: I'm still waiting for a true Rainbow Six game with the planning and character skills and stuff. Also, a true Ghost Recon game. Both series have devolved into Hollywood-ized Ubisoft multiplayer focused season-pass "me-too" bullshit, which is a shame, because mechanically, the shooting and gameplay in Siege is truly great. I just am simply not a multiplayer guy, and I'm sure a lot of the old fans of Rainbow Six aren't either.

Where my single player campaign at, Ubi? Make that, and I'll buy (if it's the real thing, not simplified, linear, idiot-friendly cack like Vegas).

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@millionsedge: what? R6 is probably going to be the best fps of the generation. Just because you don't like it or have never played them doesn't mean they are

As for support......R6 is about to get it year 3 season pass.

I love that game, but then again I'm good at it.

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@millionsedge: No, there are some very good games on that list.

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@millionsedge: What? Rainbow Siege is one of the more refined shooters with constant support.

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@RicanV: rainbow six siege is a generic fps at best but serves ubisoft right they worked on multiplayer first and single player last siege is a joke compared to what was planned for rainbow six patriots

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@swantn5: You are way off! The game isn't generic at all! Its a great shooter and is constantly being supported! I believe its one of the most successful RB6 Games ever!

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@swantn5: Generic in what capacity? It didn't hold my interest but from the time time I did spend with the game it was completely different from other shooters. Additionally,after all this time it still has a high player base count and still gets new players.

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@swantn5: what exactly is generic about r6?

The fact that there are zero fps like it on current Gen consoles?

Idk maybe you know more than I do, I'm just a diamond ranked player.

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I knew having multiplayer online only games is a bad idea.

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@cboy95: no 8t was actually genius and they created the best fps of the geneation and r6 has become the most successful r6 ever. It's still selling well sometimes even has top 10 charts.

A game that isn't good or a bad idea wouldn't be so successful.

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@cboy95: Yeah because all of these people would be playing the shitty repetitive campaign now that the servers are down

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@7tizz: To be fair he's saying online ONLY is a bad idea. Rainbow Six had stellar single-player AND multiplayer back in the day.

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@7tizz: The heroes of single-player gaming maybe - many of us don't want to lose that and their sp-only was kind of a message of "we still make those experiences" rather than an anti-multiplayer sentiment, if you get my meaning. I would have no problem with a multiplayer mode personally, as long as it's not to the detriment of the sp mode. Then we can all be happy. That's what used to happen, after all.

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@7tizz: I really don't see how it's poor value (and certainly don't see how defending it is WORSE), so we'll just have to agree to disagree. Again, lol.

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@7tizz: No, according to these people we should probably get whipped and forced into playing the 10 SP missions over and over again. And we'll enjoy it or else!