Multiplayer Tank Battle Game for 3DS Announced

Tank Troopers will support up to six players; coming this winter.


A multiplayer tank battle game is coming to Nintendo 3DS. Revealed during today's Nintendo Direct briefing, Tank Troopers will support up to six players.

When using download play, or if you've picked up the demo, only one person needs to have the game to be able to have friends join locally. It is unclear if there is online play.

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Tank Troopers will launch "this winter," Nintendo said. The game's developer was not mentioned in the video.

Keep checking back with GameSpot for more on today's Nintendo Direct. We will also have a news and trailer roundup later in the day to help catch you up with everything that was shown and announced.

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You can play as any of the "troopers" shown in the picture above. Each has their own unique attributes, Nintendo said in the video briefing today. This is not your average tank battle game, the company said.

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