Multiplayer Crysis 2 demo firing up PSN 'soon'

Latest trailer for upcoming shooter shows Crytek bringing sampler to Sony's console; game due out in full on March 22.


No Caption Provided Xbox 360 gamers were granted a multiplayer demo for Crysis 2 in January and the PC market is getting it on March 1. Now, series developer Crytek has announced that the PlayStation 3 community will score the demo.

The latest trailer for the futuristic nanosuit shooter (embedded below) shows a slew of new PS3 game footage, as well as a "coming soon" release for the PS3 multiplayer demo. Crysis 2 is due out for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 22.

The PS3 community gets the demo 'soon'.
The PS3 community gets the demo 'soon'.

While the contents of the PS3 demo were not revealed, the Xbox 360 version offers the Skyline map, as well as two game modes: Team Instant Action and Crash Site. The former presents a standard deathmatch mode, where players compete to kill as many on the opposing side as they can, gaining ranks and prestige along the way. The latter is a capture-and-hold game type, in which players attempt to secure an alien drop pod and then defend it from the opposing team.

For more on the futuristic first-person shooter, check out GameSpot's most recent hands-on preview of Crysis 2.

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