MU Online goes global

Korean developer Webzen announces that its popular 3D online game is now available to players in America and Europe.


Korea's leading online game developer Webzen has recently announced the American and European release of MU Online, a 3D massively multiplayer role-playing game that is already played by more than 20 million gamers in Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan. MU Global was launched for all other countries in English on October 6 and will be heavily promoted in America and Europe.

MU is primarily combat-based and features seven very different worlds for players to explore. Locales in the game include grasslands, underground catacombs, a frozen kingdom, a forsaken desert, and an underwater world. The game is constantly evolving, and players can look forward to the introduction of new worlds, additional quests, and siege weaponry.

The English MU client weighs in at just 100MB and is free to download from the official MU Online Web site. We'll bring you more information on the English-language version of MU as soon as it becomes available.

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