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MTV Sports: Skateboarding E3 2000 Hands-On

MTV Skateboarding is THQ's answer to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. But does it stack up to the legendary Hawk-man? Check out our hands-on impression to get a feel for the game.


When I first started playing MTV: Skateboarding I thought the game had some sort of bug in it. I thought that because the game played really, really slow. In most cases I could barely get going fast enough to do just a simple trick off a jump. There's no big air here - MTV Skateboarding feels like Tony Hawk with mediocre graphics and a definite gravity problem.

It's really too bad because there's not enough good skateboarding games available. Representatives from THQ said that they wanted to focus more on a realistic skater instead of exaggerating the action. The thing is, the game doesn't even play as well as Thrasher does.

Hopefully THQ will make enough refinements to at least bring the game up to par with other games in the genre before the game ship.

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