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MTV Music Generator

MTV Music Generator is a music program that lets users create their own music and 3D-accelerated music videos using a vast library of prepackaged music, beats, audio effects, and graphics.


Codemasters' MTV Music Generator originally appeared on the Playstation, and will make its debut on the PC soon with even more new features. The program lets users compile their own electronic music - and create their own 3D music videos to go with it - from a library of prerecorded music, sound samples, and 3D graphics.

MTV Music Generator will include more than 3,000 professionally recorded riffs, and it will let you create your own music to the beat of your choice: from rock and roll to techno to house, and more. You'll be able to alter your edited music with audio parameters like vibrato, various filters, and even a reverb pedal. In addition, you'll be able to use a MIDI-compatible keyboard with MTV Music Generator. You'll also be able to convert and save all your music to MP3 format or record to PC.

In addition, MTV Music Generator will include a video generator that you can use to create your very own 3D-accelerated music videos. The program will also include an automatic video generator that will turn out 3D music videos on the fly.

Finally, MTV Music Generator will feature both network and Internet connectivity options, which will let users create music and "jam" together over a network, or across the entire Internet.

Prospective music video generators and wannabe deejays will be able to take MTV Music Generator out for a spin at the end of the year, when the program is scheduled for release.

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