MSI Partner Caught Scalping Nvidia RTX 3080 Cards

A subsidiary of MSI leveraged an error to obtain access to the highly sought-after GPUs, and successfully sold them well above MSRP.


Many PC enthusiasts are still jockeying to obtain Nvidia's 30-series cards--particularly the RTX 3080 and 3090--amid a shortage related to high demand and the ongoing coronavirus crisis, even swallowing high prices at secondhand retailers like eBay to get their hands on one. Now, a partner of GPU manufacturer MSI was caught scalping the company's own cards on eBay, and customers aren't happy about it.

According to a Reddit post that called out its behavior, the subsidiary in question is called Starlit Partner, and it was only authorized to carry and sell excess inventory and refurbished items. MSI responded, saying that an error caused Starlit Partner to have access to new GPUs like the RTX 3080, which it sold for $1359, which is $600 above the MSRP of $759.

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As the above tweet reveals, MSI has ordered Starlit Partner to reach out to the customers affected and offer them full or partial refunds for the $600 difference. Some 3090s were also sold by Starlit Partner for inflated prices as well. For those who are determined to pay MSRP for a 3080 or 3090, you might end up waiting a while: the shortage isn't going to abate until at least 2021 according to Nvidia. Nvidia has repeatedly apologized for the supply shortages.

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