MS Flight Sim vets establish Cascade Game Foundry

Pair of ex-Aces developers creates simulation-minded shop with a desire to go beyond the world of planes and trains.


Microsoft Flight Simulator X

In January, Microsoft shut down its Aces Studio, the developer behind its well-regarded Flight Simulator series of games. Microsoft said gamers could expect it to continue investing in PC game development--specifically aviation games--but a few of its relieved Aces are now taking flight on their own.

Cascade is cleared for takeoff.
Cascade is cleared for takeoff.

Former Aces developers Rick Selby and Kathie Flood today announced the formation of Cascade Game Foundry, a Washington-based studio dedicated to making sim games that will please the hardcore while attracting new audiences. To help them achieve that goal, the Cascade founders have assembled a team of ex-Aces developers and other industry veterans with experience on simulations like the Janes F15 and F/A-18 games, as well as more mainstream fare like the Halo series and Fable 2.

"We want to combine the naturally inquisitive nature of the human spirit with the stunning resources of the planet," Flood said in a statement. "The simulation market is known to be a strong, consistent performer, but our vision extends beyond flying and railroading. Think of scuba diving off Hawaii, traversing the Andes, hiking the Great Wall of China..."

For more on the Aces pedigree, check out GameSpot's review of the last entry in the studio's signature franchise, 2006's Flight Simulator X.

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