Movie Poster For Tom Holland's Cherry Was A Mistake, One Hilarious Mistake

The upcoming Apple TV+ movie has a new poster with a glitchy font, but there is a reason it looks bad.


Apple TV+ has put out some pretty fantastic originals so far. From the comedy series Mythic Quest and Ted Lasso to the Beastie Boys documentary and the Tom Hanks movie Greyhound, there is a lot of watch. Very soon, Apple TV+ has a Russo Brothers movie starring Tom Holland coming out called Cherry. However, you wouldn't know that was the title from a poster circulating on social media.

With the poster for the upcoming March 12, 2021 film, people on social media are trying to figure out what this movie is called because the font is unreadable. According to Next Big Picture podcast host Will Mavity on Twitter, this comes from the print edition of Variety. It's a "For your consideration" ad taken out by Apple. What is easily confirmed about this is that it's a bad poster. Check it out below.

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When I first saw this, I broke down the font to its basics and the font should have read "Oihierkk," an easily pronounceable movie title. At a quick glance, it could even be called Cherkk, which isn't too far off from the actual title. However, "Cherry" was the least plausible of all the guesses, as there is no way that "k" on the end is supposed to be a "y."

Sadly, the fun all came to an end later as Mavity realized that it was a glitch while viewing it in Variety in Chrome and not poor font choice. Sadly, the original poster font was clear as day.

Variety responded to the ad--which is also the best accidental marketing campaign of 2020--saying, "Variety apologizes for our mistake in the digital misprint of the ad for the film “Cherry.” This is not up to our standards. Here is the corrected version of the ad."

Starring Tom Holland (as Cherry) and directed by the Russo Brothers, Cherry follows "an unhinged character who drifts from dropping out of college to serving in Iraq as an Army medic and is only anchored by his one true love, Emily (Ciara Bravo). When Cherry returns home a war hero, he battles the demons of undiagnosed PTSD and spirals into drug addiction, surrounding himself with a menagerie of depraved misfits. Draining his finances, Cherry turns to bank robbing to fund his addiction, shattering his relationship with Emily along the way."

The film is based on the 2018 novel of the same name by Nico Walker.

While it is strangely a bummer that the glitch isn't real, for one moment in 2020, we were all on the same page: this poster picked a bad font. However, why not have a little bit of fun, check out the glitchy font, and let us know what you think the title of the movie actually is?

Oihierkk comes to Apple TV+ on March 12, 2021.

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