Move into Itadaki Street this Christmas

Final Fantasy-Dragon Quest crossover PS2 board game will hit Japan on December 22.


TOKYO--Square Enix has announced that it will release the latest in its Itadaki Street series of video board games, officially titled "Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special," in Japan on December 22. The game will carry a price tag of 7,140 yen ($64).

As GameSpot reported last month, Itadaki Street Special is a board game that features characters from both the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series. Originally created by Dragon Quest designer Yuji Horii, the Itadaki Street board game series is already well known in Japan, but the addition of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest characters has put an extra spotlight on this entry.

Just as in traditional board games, Itadaki Street players roll dice and advance around the board. The object of the game is to make money, generally by selling items to other players that stop on your store and by investing that money to make even more of it. Besides hopping around the boards, Itadaki Street Special also features minigames, such as a slot machine and a Chocobo derby race where the players will get to bet on which Final Fantasy bird will come in first.

The following characters are currently confirmed to make appearances in Itadaki Street Special:

Final Fantasy
- Cloud (FFVII)
- Tifa (FFVII)
- Aerith (FFVII)
- Yuna (FFX)
- Rikku (FFX)
- Paine (FFX-2)
- Vivi (FFIX)
- Chocobo

Dragon Quest
- Alena (DQIV)
- Crift (DQIV - Cristo in American version)
- Dragon Quest V main character
- The prince of Midenhall (DQIII)
- The princess of Moonbrooke (DQIII)
- The prince of Cannock (DQIII)
- Bianca (DQ V)
- Ryan and Hoimin (DQIV - Ragnar and Healie in American version)
- Slime

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