Move gets Sharp Shooter shell

Sony introduces rifle-like attachment designed for use in shooters like Killzone 3; $40 peripheral to launch in February alongside Guerrilla Games' anticipated title.


When Killzone 3 is launched February 22, the Guerrilla Games first-person shooter will be used to highlight a number of Sony's recent PlayStation 3 initiatives. In addition to featuring stereoscopic 3D technology and support for the Move motion-sensing controller, the game will be used to showcase the new Move Sharp Shooter add-on.

Finally! A peripheral for your peripherals.
Finally! A peripheral for your peripherals.

Similar to Nintendo's Wii Zapper, the $40 Move Sharp Shooter holds the primary Move controller and its Navigation sub-controller in a rifle-like configuration. (Sony has already released the Move Shooting Attachment, a pistol-like shell that holds the Move controller for arcade-style shooters but makes no allowances for the Navigation controller.) The Sharp Shooter will be compatible with existing games like Time Crisis: Razing Storm, as well as upcoming titles including SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs and Dead Space: Extraction.

For Killzone fans who prefer traditional control schemes, Sony is also releasing a new DualShock 3 color in February. The Jungle Green controller will sell for $55 and feature a green front and black backing.

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