Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Update e1.2.0 Patch Notes Released

The medieval sim has added one of its most extensive updates yet.


Since its highly successful Steam launch just under a month ago, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has been busy patching. In the 27 days since release, the game has had 19 patches and hotfixes, as well as introducing alpha and beta branches to streamline the patching process. The e1.2.0 patch is the result of the beta being rolled into the main Steam version, while further updates are happening on the beta branch.

The biggest fixes made in the new patch have to do with crashes, something the game has struggled with since launch, but has been proactive in fixing. A number of small checks and balances for multiplayer have been added too:

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  • Troop Balance
    • Battania
      • Clan Warrior Troop Count Increased 20 > 21
      • Savage Troop Count Increased 17 > 18
      • Wildling Troop Count Increased 16 > 17
      • Mounted Warrior Armor Increased 8 > 16
      • Mounted Warrior Troop Count Increased 9 > 16
      • Oathsworn Armor Increased 40 > 43
    • Empire
      • Courser Price Increased 130 > 140
      • Palatine Guard Menavlion Perk equips correct Menavlion now.
      • Recruit Speed Increased 78 > 80
    • Vlandia
      • Sergeant Armor Decreased 41 > 37
      • Knight Price Increased 180 > 190
    • Sturgia
      • Brigand Speed Increased 75 > 79
      • Varyag Price Increased 140 > 150
      • Berserker Armor Decreased 15 > 6
      • Berserker Troop Count Decreased 18 > 17
      • Raider Troop Count Increased 7 > 9
      • Druzhinnik Price Increased 170 > 180
    • Aserai
      • Skirmisher Speed Increased 78 > 80
  • Weapon Balance
    • Menavlion Length Decreased 200 > 179
    • Menavlion Damage Decreased 147 > 129
    • Heavy Menavlion Damage Decreased 177 > 166
    • Long Menavlion Damage Decreased 149 > 137

A heap of other fixes and quality-of-life tweaks from the beta have also moved over to the main release, and you can check the full list here.

New changes are being trialed in the beta now, including major performance upgrades that aim to reduce loading time and game performance in battles. The game will also now be stopping you from stealing equipment from party members.

The beta 1.3.0 additions are extensive, including tweaks to the AI, art, and overall quality-of-life in the in-depth medieval simulator. These changes will be tested in the beta for at least a week before they're rolled out in game, but if you want to get your hands on them first you can opt into the beta branch by accessing the game properties in your Steam library.

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