Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Patch Notes: Fixes For Numerous Crashes

Patch e1.0.6 is now available to download, with fixes for a number of crashes and adjustments to character progression.


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord's daily updates continue apace with patch e1.0.6 now available to download on PC. The latest patch notes detail fixes for a number of crashes, adjustments to character progression, and the implementation of a few other changes.

In multiplayer, there's a blood particle crash fix, while the single-player portion of the game sees various fixes for loading screen crashes, player execution crashes, and a few other crashes relating to quests and more.

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Adjustments to the Character Development System mean you'll now gain combat skill experience for practise fights and those fought in the arena. Successful barters will also result in charm skill experience, and you'll earn more experience from successful romance and defection persuasions.

Elsewhere, the accuracy of stones has been reduced, crossbow damage has been decreased, and the speed of tournament horses has been reduced to make them more manoeuvrable.

Update e1.0.6 full patch notes

Multiplayer Crashes

  • Multiplayer blood particle crash fix.

Singleplayer Crashes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred while loading a scene.
  • Fixed a crash related to player executions.
  • Stability Improvements to the menu logic.
  • A rare "Army of Poachers" quest crash bug has been fixed.
  • A very rare crash related to "Gang Leader Needs Weapon" quest is fixed.
  • The game now gives clearer warnings in the event of a crash caused by missing Windows 7 updates.
  • Players who have issues launching the game can now use Bannerlord.Native.exe as an alternative solution.


  • Fixed one of the performance spike issues on the campaign.

Character Development System

  • Fixed "Leadership Disciplinarian," "Trade Caravanmaster" and "Charm Parade" perks.
  • Added combat skill experience gain for tournaments and practice fights.
  • Added charm skill experience for successful barters.
  • Increased experience gain from successful romance and defection persuasions.

Quests & Issues

  • Fixed a bug that locked the main storyline phase to weaken or unify the empire when the success conditions were met before the player got the quest.


  • "Bushwackers" now use a mix of short and long bows (previously 100% longbows).
  • Lowered the tier of longbows for "Freebooters."
  • Reduced the accuracy of stones.
  • Decreased the damages of crossbows.
  • Fixed the length of the "Fine Steel Kaskara Blade."
  • Slightly reduced the speed of tournament horses (to make them more manoeuvrable).
  • Fixed the holster of the "Falx Blade."
  • The "Voulge" is no longer couchable.
  • Renamed the "Western Short Spear" to "Western Long Spear."
  • Changed the name of a Tier 2 spear that was named "Knight’s Lance" to "Western Short Spear."

Developer TaleWorlds recently spoke about the game's launch, bugs, and its confidence in finding solutions for each problem that occurs. Despite releasing in Early Access and requiring daily updates, the popularity of Mount & Blade II's hasn't waned. The medieval action RPG is Steam's biggest launch of the year so far.

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