MotorStorm time attack mode now available

Sony updates online PS3 store with free add-on for racing game, improved support for downloadable Hot Shots Golf 2, CoolBoarders.



Sony's weekly Thursday update of the PlayStation Store includes an overdue update for one of the system's biggest postlaunch releases and support for a pair of downloadable original PlayStation titles.

Sony announced today it would release the time attack mode for its racing game MotorStorm on the PS3's online storefront. Previously expected two weeks ago, the time attack mode lets players compare their fastest laps for ranking on a worldwide leaderboard. The update also lets players make and share ghost car laps with other users.

Other new content on the store includes PS3 support for the downloadable PlayStation games Hot Shots Golf 2 and CoolBoarders, each of which sells for $5.99. Gamers can download the two titles and play them on their PS3s or ferry the files over to a PlayStation Portable for retro play on the go. Those who had previously downloaded the games for play on the PSP will be able to download the game for the PS3 at no extra charge.

Finally, the PlayStation Store is also hosting a free trailer for the upcoming Ben Stiller-Farrelly brothers comedy The Heartbreak Kid.

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