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MotorStorm rolls in on PSP Sept. 29

UMD edition of combative racer Arctic Edge arrives in stores late next month, downloadable version available for Oct. 1 PSP Go launch.


Sony today confirmed a release date for the PSP debut of MotorStorm, and the racing game will make landfall fittingly right around the height of hurricane season. MotorStorm Arctic Edge will arrive in stores September 29, with a downloadable version of the game held back a couple days until the October 1 launch of the UMD-less PSP Go.

The only people nuttier than ice road truckers are ice road bikers.
The only people nuttier than ice road truckers are ice road bikers.

MotorStorm Arctic Edge takes the franchise's signature off-road racing to the frigid wastelands of Alaska. The game includes the six vehicle classes seen in previous MotorStorm installments and adds two more specifically catered to Alaska's frozen tundra: the Snowcat and the Snow Machine. Vehicles will also feature an element of customization, wherein players can equip their rides with different parts or apply decals and stickers.

Those who pick up the game within its first 30 days on sale will be able to download a free Mirage Rapide rally car with a pair of customizable skins from the PlayStation Network. A PlayStation 2 edition of the game is set to ship later this fall.

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