MotorStorm RC revs up PS3 and PS Vita March 6

Evolution Studios' "Pay once, get both" radio-controlled cross-platform racer arrives next month; demo to arrive same day as full version.


MotorStorm RC is gassing up in preparation for a March 6 launch on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Sony announced today in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Presumably these RC cars' batteries will last longer than 10 minutes.
Presumably these RC cars' batteries will last longer than 10 minutes.

Developed by series creator Evolution Studios, MotorStorm RC is a spin-off for the franchise, with the standard assortment of real-world vehicles replaced by remote-control counterparts. The game will deliver 16 different tracks set in four familiar environments, with many of the vehicle types from previous games making a return.

MotorStorm RC will be a "Pay once, Get both" game, so players need to buy only one version to gain access to the game on both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. However, Sony has not yet announced pricing for the game.

The different versions will be interoperable, but the PS3 version will also offer stereoscopic 3D, SimulView same-screen multiplayer support and a four-player split-screen mode. All progress made in one version of the game--lap times, unlockable content, and trophies--will be synchronized to the other, ensuring that players don't need to repeat tasks in both versions. Features like the Pitwall, which lets players track challenges and friends' activity, will also be accessible in both versions.

This is not the first Sony racing franchise to spawn an RC-based spin-off. Twisted Metal was treated to its own diminutive iteration in 2001's Twisted Metal Small Brawl on the original PlayStation.

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hope Rayman had the same "Pay once, get both" approach, but again, I got the physical disc game so it wasn't gonna work for me either ways.

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The price is gonna be around $8. I know because the European price is 5.99 Euros. That equlas to just under $8.00 USD. This is one of the reasons I love the Vita, the game prices are amazing! Especially amazing because you will be getting a PS3 and PSVITA game for only $8!!

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why didn't they release a normal version, i like this idea, can the vita handle it ?? after all uncharted looks pretty good on it ??

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@Flint247 cool i didn't know that, can you play independantly on the vita vs ps3 too?? thanks!! :)

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This is already available in AU, EU and UK as of last night. Both PS3 and Vita versions included for AU$9.95. One of the cheapest platinum trophies around. Very awesome deal. Planning to buy this shortly.

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this is why i will not buy a vita anytime soon... nothing but a bunch of ps2/ps3 rehashes and dumped psn projects..... we wont see any real games for it till sony feels the userbase is high enough for them to take a chance on a new game.

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@Spartan_418 Which features are you referring to?

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Not sure whether I'm gonna get a Vita, but if I do it'll be for features like this. It's just so cool, hopefully a good number of games implement it

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I like this pay once, get both setup. :)

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@kkee well this is about the US release and not the EU release

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@BravoOneActual they have announced that when they first announced this game on the ps blog and it looks like warrior's lair is doing the same thing

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And it's out today in Europe. You'd know this GS if you bothered to read the EU blog. << LINK REMOVED >>

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I'd rather have another full-fledged Motorstorm, but as long as it's better than that steaming turd Motorstorm Apocalypse, I'll get it.

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@burgeg I used to play a Micro Machines game for the N64. It was pretty good, but this game seems awesome.

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"Pay once, get both." Now, that's more [bleeping] like it.

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It's already out in Europe. I bought the game today. I can confirm the game is awesome! It's like a Micro Machines game, and we all know how cool Micro Machines is. I only have it on Vita so far. It's cool I get it on PS3 as well for free. I hope lots of other PS3/Vita games do this. As for pricing, it was £4.79 in the UK so I'm not sure what that works out to for the US, but nevertheless you can rest assured the game is quite cheap and totally worth it based on what I've played so far.