MotorStorm launching with PS3?

Evolution's dirt-flinging combat racer may take pole position as a launch title for the PlayStation 3.



The PS3 Killzone clip may have been the most talked-about tech demo at the Sony pre-E3 press conference, but one trailer wasn't far behind. The teaser for MotorStorm, from Evolution Studios, showed all types of vehicles racing against photorealistic backgrounds and climaxed with a tumbling buggy headed straight for an unsuspecting motorbike rider.

As great of a cliffhanger as the trailer was, the question on everyone's mind was, "When can I play it?" As gamers know, just because a trailer is done doesn't mean that the game is anywhere close to completion.

MotorStorm, however, may speed out of the gates alongside the PlayStation 3. On Evolution Studios' Web site, the company says that it is working on "a 'next-gen' PS3 launch title called MotorStorm" (emphasis added).

So, can gamers expect to trade paint and bend fenders when the PS3 finally comes out? Sony representatives would not comment on the subject, issuing what is fast becoming their answer to "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation." "There has been no official announcement on launch software titles for PlayStation 3," said a Sony rep.

Release dates for the PlayStation 3 launch titles (as well as the console itself) remain largely up in the air, and only a handful of games are currently scheduled for release this year.

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