Motörhead Is the Focus for Diablo-Like RPG's Next Expansion

English rock band getting its own dedicated expansion for Diablo-like PC RPG Victor Vran.


Bulgarian developer Haemimont Games (Tropico series) has announced a new expansion for its Diablo-like PC RPG Victor Vran themed around the rock band Motörhead. No, we're not making this up.

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The Motörhead-themed expansion for Victor Vran is called Motörhead Through the Ages and is due out later this year. It features new environments, including some Wild West-inspired landscapes and a Dark Ages castle, that are themed around Motörhead's history, lyrics, and "general attitude."

What's more, the game's new weapons, powers, and skills all draw inspiration from Motörhead. There is also a soundtrack with more than a dozen Motörhead tracks.

GameSpot's 6/10 Victor Vran review said the game was a little light on content, so this expansion sounds like a welcome--but definitely unexpected--development for the game.

Having formed in 1975, Motörhead celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The band is still writing new music, with their next album, Bad Magic, set to arrive this year.

Motörhead is no stranger to video games, however, as frontman Lemmy Kilmister appeared in Double Fine's 2009 metal-minded action game Brutal Legend as the character Kill Master.

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