Motor Storm E3 2005 Preshow Impressions

We check out an action-packed trailer for Evolution Studios' previously unannounced PS3 racer.



Sony Computer Entertainment showed off a number of teaser trailers for previously unannounced PlayStation 3 games at its pre-E3 conference in Los Angeles this afternoon. The last trailer shown, which weighed in at around a minute and 15 seconds, was for an off-road racing game titled Motor Storm. Currently in development at UK-based Evolution Studios, previously responsible for the World Rally Championship (WRC) series of off-road racers, Motor Storm ditches traditional rally driving in favor of what appears to be a fiercely competitive free-for-all being contested by multiple vehicle types.

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In addition to the tricked-out rally cars that you'd expect, today's trailer features buggies, trucks, ATVs, off-road bikes, and what looks to be a Hummer racing across a desert and kicking up masses of sand and dirt. One of the most stunning shots in the trailer is undoubtedly "eye in the sky" view from a helicopter looking down on the action, but it's only when you get closer to the action that you can appreciate just how impressive the vehicles, and the mess that they're making of the desert and each other, really are.

Accurate vehicle models are nothing new, of course, but these rides really need to be seen to be believed. If today's trailer is any indication whatsoever of what Evolution is shooting for in the finished game, we can assume that each of the vehicles in Motor Storm will feature realistically modeled interiors and that during the course of a typical race they'll get caked in super-realistic dirt and leave super-super-realistic debris all over the course. The first time Evolution Studios ever showed a WRC demo behind closed doors in London, we were told that the game would be so detailed that leaves on the track would behave according to accurately simulated wind currents caused by passing cars. That never really happened on the PlayStation 2, but maybe it will on the PlayStation 3.

The drivers and riders of all of the vehicles in Motor Storm also look to be very believable, not only when they're in their seats, but also when they're trying to get back to their vehicles after particularly nasty accidents. Our only complaint at this point is that the video isn't just a few seconds longer. Watch it for yourself if you want to know why.

No release date has been announced for Motor Storm at this time, but we'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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