MotoGP 4 peelin' out on the PS2

Namco's two-wheeling racer returning to Sony's console in Q3; latest version features all three engine classes; first screens inside.


Namco Hometek today announced that MotoGP 4 is currently in development and will be available on the PlayStation 2 sometime in the third quarter of this year. This is the fourth PS2 edition of Moto GP, and it's the first since Moto GP 3 was released in 2003.

In MotoGP 4, riders will once again be treated to a realistic simulation of motorcycle grand prix racing. All three racing classes--125cc, 250cc, and GP--from the 2004 season are included in this version, along with 16 real-world courses. Gamers will also be able to select from a roster of real professionals, including Kevin Schwantz, Wayne Gardner, and Mick Doohan. When not tearing through a hairpin, riders can upgrade their rides with new parts, as well as test them on practice runs.

The Moto GP franchise has also seen a tangential series on the Xbox and PC. Moto GP 3 for the Xbox and PC is scheduled to hit the road next month.

GameSpot will have more information on MotoGP 4. In the meantime, take the full review of Moto GP 3 for a spin.

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