MotoGP 2 nominated for BAFTA Awards

Climax announces that its motorcycle racing game has received two nominations for the BAFTA Games Awards.


Following yesterday's news that Capcom's Viewtiful Joe has received three nominations for this year's inaugural BAFTA Games Awards, Climax has today announced that MotoGP 2: Ultimate Racing Technology has been nominated in both the Best Racing Game and Best Multiplayer Game categories. The winners of the awards will be announced at a ceremony in February 2004.

"To have MotoGP 2: Ultimate Racing Technology nominated for two BAFTA Interactive Awards is a fantastic honor and a huge pat on the back for our development team," said Tony Beckwith, studio head of Climax in Brighton. "We always knew we had a winner on our hands, but the response to the game from such illustrious magazines and institutions as Edge and BAFTA has really taken us aback. It's a credit to the talent we have here that MotoGP 2 has achieved such recognition and widespread critical acclaim."

For more information on MotoGP 2, which has been available on the Xbox and PC since May, check out our full review of the game.

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