MotoGP 09/10 peeling out in March

Capcom aligns upcoming Xbox 360, PS3 edition of motorcycle racing sim with start of real-world championship season.


Sports game publishers are keen on delivering their simulations in tandem with the start of any given season. Such has not been the case for the MotoGP racing series, which has traditionally skewed toward an end-of-the-year release. With Capcom now the exclusive rights holder of the MotoGP license, the publisher this week said that it would be aligning its next installment in the motorcycle racing sim with the opening of the 2010 season in March.

The creepiness of Rossi's helmet can not be overstated.
The creepiness of Rossi's helmet can not be overstated.

Developed by Monumental Games, MotoGP 09/10 will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Data for the game, including bikes, riders, and tracks will be pulled from the in-progress 2009 season, and Capcom notes that gamers can update MotoGP 09/10 with data generated during the upcoming 2010 championship series free of charge.

Career mode will be a primary feature in MotoGP 09/10, with players able to manage their crew, hire staff, and compete in races in pursuit of a MotoGP championship. Capcom didn't delve into the particulars of this mode, saying only that gamers could compete with three different bike classes.

Capcom said that three other gameplay modes would included in the game, one of which will be a freeplay-style Arcade mode. The publisher also said that MotoGP 09/10 will support online modes, complete with leaderboards and a spectator mode.

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