MotoGP 09/10 New Track Impressions

A new circuit is arriving in June, and we take it for a test-drive.


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MotoGP 09/10 is an interesting experiment in the predictable world of annual sports games. Rather than release two separate games for the 2009 and 2010 MotoGP seasons, Capcom has elected to bundle both years into one retail release and continue to support the latter season with ongoing downloadable content. It's a bold move--the equivalent of EA releasing a new Madden game encompassing the 2009 season and following that up with a free roster update for the following year. Among the first such bits of DLC is a new track that this motorcycle racing league didn't compete on last year, but will in 2010. We took a quick spin through that new circuit at last week's Captivate event to see what they've got in store for fans of two-wheeled racing.

The track we played was Silverstone. This one's a popular destination for racing games (it has been featured in the last two Forza Motorsport games), so odds are you've raced a circuit or two at Silverstone in the past. The track configuration in MotoGP is a little on the short side, with one long straight between the grand stands being the only real opportunity to gun it on an otherwise very twisty course. Visually, it's a flat track set beneath a gloomy sky that manages to capture that collision of green and gray that makes up so much of the English countryside. Altogether, this one felt and looked a lot like the Silverstone we've raced in numerous racing games before.

Right now the two tracks is still very much a work in progress, as evidenced by a racing assist line that told us to drive in the grass more often than not. But the scheduled June release leaves plenty of time to work out those kinks. For more on MotoGP 09/10, be sure to read our review.

Editor's Note: This story originally included details on a second track, Hungary's Baltonring, which was included alongside Silverstone in the demo we played. However, Capcom has since confirmed with us that this track will not be released as originally planned.

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