MotoGP 07 (PS2) Updated Hands-On

We get some more hands-on time with Capcom's upcoming motorcycle racing sim.


MotoGP 07 for the PlayStation 2--Capcom's first stab at motorcycle racing after acquiring the MotoGP licence from Namco earlier this year--is just around the corner (bad racing pun intended), and we recently got some more hands-on time with a near-complete version. As we experienced when we first played the game at E3 this year, MotoGP 07 is aiming for realism in this one, with all of the riders, teams, and tracks of the official MotoGP circuit for 2007 represented.

Of course if realism in a motorcycling sim isn't your thing, then Capcom has you covered, with three difficulty levels included in MotoGP 07. In fact, gamers will be able to decide right off the bat which control scheme they're most comfortable with, thanks to an introductory race that can be played through when first starting the game. During this race, MotoGP's AI will assess how you're handling your bike, and make suggestions on which control scheme is best for your skill level (as well as giving text-based advice on how to stay on the track). With arcade controls, all a player has to worry about is steering, accelerating, and braking. The advanced mode is the next step up, and gives players control over a rider's body by pushing the left analog stick to lean forward or back. Simulation mode is the most realistic, with a much more strict physics model coming in to play (which basically means that almost every excursion off the track will result in falling off your bike).

The crux of MotoGP 07 will be this year's actual real-life competition, with all of the riders and teams having to compete on 18 different tracks around the world. While the game's controls are definitely more geared towards sim, the main MotoGP 07 mode is sim-lite. Once you choose a racer and team for the season, there doesn't seem to be much you can do apart from race. Before each race, players have fairly limited customisation options with their rides, such as tyre type, suspension, turning speed, and gears, but that's about the extent of it. The game also has quick race and time attack modes, but it's probably in the challenge mode where players will spend most of their time outside of the main season mode. This challenge mode--and we saw 100 listed in our preview build--will range from simple training-based tasks such as passing through checkpoints at a certain speed to more complex and difficult tasks. Each challenge defeated will unlock pictures, movies, and more.

MotoGP 07 will be released for the PS2 in late October. Check back with GameSpot soon for our full review.

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