Motion-sensing controllers come to PS2

In2Games announces a series of titles which use wireless controllers, including RealPlay Tennis, RealPlay Pool, and RealPlay Golf.


RealPlay Racing
RealPlay Tennis
RealPlay Puzzlesphere
Puzzlesphere controllers and velcro shoes make people happy.
Puzzlesphere controllers and velcro shoes make people happy.

Peripheral manufacturer In2Games, which recently scored £7.6 million (approx $15.1 million) in venture capital funding, has announced its first series of motion-sensing controllers and games titles for the PlayStation 2, due for release in the UK for this Christmas holiday season.

The first six games in the series will each come bundled with a unique controller. RealPlay Tennis has a wireless tennis racquet, RealPlay Pool provides its own cue, RealPlay Golf comes with a golf club controller, RealPlay Racing features a steering wheel, and RealPlay Bowling has a wireless bowling ball. The other title in the series, RealPlay Puzzlesphere, has players manipulating a physical sphere to get around a series of "vertigo-inducing" courses.

"The RealPlay range of games is aimed squarely at those PlayStation 2 owners who want to play wireless motion-sensing games without needing to splash out on a new console," commented In2Games CEO Elliott Myers.

Each of the RealPlay games for the PS2 will come packaged with a wireless controller, and they are expected to cost £29.99 ($60) when they go on sale during the 2007 holiday season.

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