Mother 3 site updated

First screenshots of the GBA role-playing game hit Web; acoustic version of game's theme song also downloadable.


TOKYO--It's been a long time since gamers have seen Mother. The role-playing franchise, known as Earthbound in the US, hasn't seen a new installment in over a decade, but a third chapter was finally announced earlier this year.

The game's producer, Shigesato Itoi, recently updated the official Mother 3 Web site with a first look at the new game. Three screenshots of Mother 3 (pictured) show that the game has retained its simplistic graphics and takes place in a variety of locations, such as a city park and what appears to be a museum. The site, which is in Japanese, also features an acoustic version of the game's theme music, which is downloadable as an MP3.

Like a traditional advent calendar, the Mother 3 section on Itoi's site features 16 clickable gift boxes, which can be opened on certain days. Only four of the boxes are open right now, implying that 12 more updates are on the way before Mother 3 is released in Japan on April 20. No plans to release the game in North America have been announced.

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