Most-Read GameSpot News Stories of 2015

Looking back on the year that was.

GameSpot's year-end content continues today with a roundup of the best news stories of the year. How did we decide what's "best"? These are the stories that you clicked on the most.

The stories that focused on the most-anticipated games of the year naturally drew the most interest: GTA 5 on PC and Fallout 4 were games too big to ignore. And of course people always like to read about controversies both big and small.

But what came out as the overall most-read new stories of 2015? Scroll down to find out, but spoilers: it has to do with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and knockin' boots.

Most-Read GameSpot News Stories of 2015:

15) EBay Seller Microwaves Majora's Mask New 3DS

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[February 20, 2015] The rare New 3DS system released in February themed around The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was destroyed in the name of art--or maybe profit. [Read the full story]

14) They Wanted to Pay Me to Promote "Piece of Sh*t" Star Wars Battlefront, Singer Says

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[November 23, 2015] Benjamin Burnley, the lead singer of Breaking Benjamin, really does not like EA's new Star Wars game. He was sent a copy by a company working on EA's behalf and was asked if he would speak positively about it on his social channels. He declined, and proceeded to destroy his disc and call the game a "piece of sh**." [Read the full story]

13) Fallout 4 Officially Confirmed for PC, Xbox One, PS4

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[June 3, 2015] In the lead-up to E3, Bethesda officially announced Fallout 4, confirming years of rumor and speculation. Bethesda would go on to ship the game just six months later in November. [Read the full story]

12) Fallout 4 Player Accidentally Falls in Sea, Finds Mysterious Structure

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[December 1, 2015] One Fallout 4 player who, while clearing out a raider camp, fell into the vast sea outside of post-apocalyptic Boston. Instead of running for shore, this player decided to explore. Equipped with a Power Suit and Mirelurk Cakes, which let you breathe under water, this person went on an expedition. [Read the full story]

11) GameStop Responds to Dumpster Video

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[March 16, 2015] Dumpster diving at GameStop is nothing new. But a video on the subject released in March called "GameStop is Cheap and Greedy" led the video game retailer to issue a statement reaffirming its policies as they relate to charitable giving. [Read the full story]

10) Common GTA 5 PC Errors, and How to Fix Them

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[April 13, 2015] Grand Theft Auto V finally came to PC in April, but its launch was beset with a number of technical problems. Rockstar outlined some workarounds and solutions and the game runs fine now. [Read the full story]

9) Konami Responds to Silent Hills Cancellation Claims

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[April 27, 2015] While we now know Silent Hills has been officially canceled, that wasn't always the case. Rumors of its demise swelled in April, when Konami's contract with actor Norman Reedus expired. Days earlier, the Walking Dead star indicated on social media that Silent Hills had been canceled. [Read the full story]

8) Sony Responds to Xbox One Backward Compatibility News

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[June 17, 2015] Microsoft made headlines at E3 this year when it announced backwards compatibility support for Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. A day later, Sony responded by calling the move "interesting." [Read the full story]

7) PewDiePie Disables YouTube Comments for Good

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[September 3, 2015] PewDiePie makes his first appearance in our list with a story about his decision to shut off comments on his uber-popular YouTube videos. He said it's because he wanted to remove spam and trolling. [Read the full story]

6) First Details of Nintendo's Next System, the NX

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[March 17, 2015] Nintendo made waves in March when it announced its next home console, codenamed NX. Nintendo didn't share any specifics at the time and they still haven't. We'll have to wait until 2016 to learn more. [Read the full story]

5) How Much Money Did PewDiePie Earn in 2014?

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[July 6, 2015] Felix Kjellberg, better known on YouTube as PewDiePie, dropped out of college and started selling hot dogs before he decided to make gaming videos. Those videos, among other endorsements, paid him more than $7.5 million in 2014, documents revealed in July 2015. [Read the full story]

4) FFXV Director Addresses Complaints, Including "Too Sexy" Character

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[April 29, 2015] Speaking during a community broadcast, Hajime Tabata addressed the top fifteen complaints, one by one, that people had with Final Fantasy XV's beta. Some people said the character Cindy was "too sexy," but Tabata explained that "she's actually not meant to be an erotic character" and her appearance is unlikely to change for the full game. [Read the full story]

3) Resident Evil Stuntwoman Out of Coma After Crash

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[October 9, 2015] Mila Jovovich said her stuntwoman, Olivia Jackson, was lucky to be alive after getting into a horrible motorcycle accident while filming for the next Resident Evil movie. Jackson got out of a coma in October, following the accident in September, and wrote a post detailing her horrific injuries. [Read the full story]

2) What if Square Enix Designed...

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[Throughout 2015] Square Enix's Play Arts Kai line of character variants exploded in 2015. Throughout the year, the company announced at least 10 new figures. Click through the links below to take a look at some of these if you missed them.

1) Witcher 3 Sex Glitch Is Totally Bizarre

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[May 27, 2015] Being a sprawling, open-world game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was always going to have some bugs. But this one, discovered by a fan just days after launch, was one of the strangest we'd ever seen at the time--Geralt's head is separated from his body during a visit to a brothel. [Read the full story]

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