Morty Is Out Now In MultiVersus

The long-awaited character is now playable.


Morty Smith from Rick and Morty has finally been added to the MultiVersus roster as a new playable character. The duo from the hit cartoon series was announced a while back, but only Morty is currently available. His counterpart, Rick Sanchez, will be arriving at a later date.

Morty's unique moveset features a mixture of skills and attacks, such as his muscle-enhanced left arm “Armothy” and his all-purpose alien device “Plumbus.” The character also has the ability to whip himself at opponents and use various projectiles to attack. The latest gameplay trailer showcases his moveset against the likes of Shaggy and Wonder Woman in an arena inspired by Rick and Morty.

After Morty's release, developer Player First Games took to Twitter to explain that the character "unintentionally brought a new Preview Icon Rotation with him." It adds that this bug will be reverted back to the current character rotation featuring Lebron, Steven, Batman, and Arya tonight at midnight PT with a short five-minute maintenance.

The developer reaffirmed that a new rotation will arrive on August 30, which will give players the chance to get their hands on some new characters for a short time.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the 2v2 platform brawler has now crossed 20 million players since launching in open beta in July. Despite being free-to-play, the game is currently a top seller and even topped July's best-selling games in the US.

If you're just getting started with the free-to-play fighting game, we've put together a MultiVersus tier list that ranks every single character.

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