Mortal Kombat's Secret Menus Discovered 20 Years Later

Could there be even more secrets?


The original Mortal Kombat games were subject to many players speculating about their secrets. Some were true, while others were concocted by the imaginative, Internet-less people of the '90s. However, it was only recently discovered that the original games contained secret menus.

The Cutting Room Floor, a website dedicated to unearthing secret content in video games, uncovered the secret EJB menus (named after series creator Ed Boon) last year (via Eurogamer). Now, YouTuber YourMKArcadeSource has showcased the menus on their channel.

The secret menus contain things like diagnostic tests, coin bookkeeping, and character endings. The first two Mortal Kombat game menus have an item called "Hello," which YourMKArcadeSource believes is a list of people Ed Boon wanted to say hello to.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3's secret menu features the ability to enable hidden characters, Fatality demonstrations, and an overwhelmingly difficult Galaga-type game.

To access these menus, you'll need to input a special code on the cabinet. The codes consist of hitting the P1 (player 1) button and the P2 (player 2) button in a specific order in fast succession. You can check out the codes below, courtesy of the above video's description.

Mortal Kombat

P1 (5 times), P2 (10 times), P1 (2 times), P2 (1 time), P1 (2 times), P2 (3 times), P1 (4 times)

Mortal Kombat II

P1 (5 times), P2 (10 times), P1 (2 times), P2 (8 times), P1 (2 times)

Mortal Kombat III/Ultimate Mortal Kombat III

P1 (5 times), P2 (10 times), P1 (3 times), P2 (1 time), P1 (2 times), P2 (2 times), P1 (3 times), P2 (4 times)

The old games aren't the only ones with secrets. Mortal Kombat X featured many of its own, including secret brutalities for the character Tremor.

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internet-less people of the 90's?

fyi, the internet started to available for public in 1994, 90s internet was the craziest internet, and dreamcast (1998) is the first tv console to have internet connection

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Awesome, now if only I could find an actual arcade unit to test this with.

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I feel like I recall the UMK3 already being around

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Mortal Kombat

P1 (5 times), P2 (10 times), P1 (2 times), P2 (1 time), P1 (2 times), P2 (3 times), P1 (4 times)

5=E, 10=J, 2=B Ed J Boon

then just ABCD

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Wow, I'm imaging what does a "researcher" of these kind of secrets looks like while excavating them? Does he have a lab coat on and is slamming away at all the buttons until it, voila!, reveals the menu? LOL

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This information may be recent but it wasn't JUST discovered this week. I saw these codes on (The Cutting Room Floor) last year while looking around at CANCELLED/ALPHA/BETA versions of games and decided to see what they had on MK. Never knew it existed. Then months later it was DISCOVERED 2 DAYS AGO!

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Alright, time to go back in time and amaze everyone

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Homg. The dude in the video with his "secret hidden menus". He says secret hidden like 20x.

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Haha, that's awesome.

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We want sexality!

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@Pelezinho777: Beastiality!

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Damn, I always wanted to play hidden characters in mkI, I knew there was a playable one, I knew it!

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i'm certain this was discovered back in the nineties. I recall the mk1 sekrit menu being discussed in egm, back in the day, at least


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This is awesome because Ed Boon kept this secret for so long.

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@shiss27: It's even more amazing that he might have forgotten about it.

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That's really cool.

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I wonder if NBA Jam or WWF Wrestlemania had secret menus like this.

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Yes those games you mentioned do have secret menu that only the developers know about.only recently boon came out and revealed the mk secrets.

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Great, now every arcade with original mk cabinets is gonna be littered with gamers smashing the p1 and p2 buttons instead of playing the game.

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@jonnybrownieboy: Yes, because the over saturated arcade market will have players doing this. Get real. Even if there were people doing it. I doubt it will be any inconvenience to anyone as most people have the arcade versions on home consoles, and or, MAME already.

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LOL, its a joke not a dick dont take it so hard. All i was implying was it would be funny if that were the case but i guess sacrasm doesnt work so well on the internet. Ill make sure to add kappa at the end next time i decide to be sacrastic to avoid overly enthusiastic commenters.

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@jonnybrownieboy@imajinn: Well, to his defence, I didn't catch the sarcasm too. Maybe because I'm at work bored and my brain is in sleep mode... Or as you said, sarcasm doesn't work very well on the internet because you can't hear the tone of the voice.

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@alien33: and in jonnybrownieboy defense i think he words how it is quite well, "overly enthusiastic commenters" id have said ego centric, hero wanna be know it all, makes him feel more important than the rest of society, with his looking down his nose im better than you comment. but hey thats me.

The joy of the internet, where all opinions good or bad can be aired!!!


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Interesting.. Makes me wonder if all MK games on consoles have something similar. Hmmm..

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@DefunktJunk: Possibly for the ones that emulate the arcade versions. I doubt this is in any of the older ports.

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@DrunkenPunk800: Yeah true. Would be kinda cool if they did though.

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Wow lol I wonder how many times he went through each one to figure it out

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@louixiii: The story is being played out like HE found it, that it was found in FEB 2016, and some are assuming he just found it by mashing buttons. When I saw the articles popping up I was like "This wasn't JUST found." because although I don't know exactly when it was found, I'd seen this information last year on (The Cutting Room Floor) which is a site with a lot of cool Cancelled/Alpha/Beta versions of games. It was probably late last year but it's been a couple months or more at least. So whoever the person is he's talking about that JUST FOUND it, isn't giving credit where credit is due. My understanding is that these codes were found by digging through the code of the game, not by drumming on BLOCK buttons hoping for a miracle.

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@GlaciusXL: Oh lol Well...thanks for the facts

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The math geek trapped in my head wishes they had use some famous sequences for the button presses. i.e. entering the Fibonacci Seq up to 13 to enable Smoke on MK2 would have made that math geek squeel with delight when I was younger(or even today just a little bit).

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@suicidesn0wman: But then the math geeks would discover these too quickly and take away some of that fun of having it take 20yrs :).

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@hystavito: I dunno about that, I don't think MK was ever ported to the TI-90.

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@suicidesn0wman: oh hai there

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@giantqtipz: Don't tell me you're a fan of sequences too?