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Mortal Kombat X Offers Easy Fatality Option, Goro DLC Confirmed

NetherRealm giving players an easier way to pull off those gruesome, match-ending finishing moves.

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Mortal Kombat X will introduce a feature that allows players to more easily pull off the series' signature finishing moves, Fatalities.

For many, Fatalities are the highlight of any Mortal Kombat game, but they can be tricky to pull off. At the end of a match, you're given a limited amount of time to get into the correct positioning and input a series of button presses to initiate a Fatality. Fail to do so in time and the match will simply end, or screw up the inputs and you're likely to end the match on a simple punch or kick, which I know I'm guilty of doing countless times.

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That's where MKX's new "easy Fatality" feature comes in. During the most recent NetherRealm Studios live stream, community specialist Tyler Lansdown confirmed fans' suspicions that a small skull seen near the bottom of the screen in previous videos was related to easy Fatalities.

"Now, we've learned through years and years of study that there are a lot of people who just can't pull off Fatalities, or they get freaked out or they can't figure out the timing," Lansdown said. "So when the game launches, you'll have a couple of those--maybe three of them--day one. You'll have those just to use and do easy Fatalities on.

"There are certain places you can unlock those and things like that. So you'll always have access to easy Fatalities--if you want to use them."

Also during the live stream, it was confirmed that Goro--who is available as a playable character if you preorder--will be sold as DLC in the future. This was already widely assumed, as it's the standard route for DLC given away as a preorder bonus.

Mortal Kombat X launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on April 14. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions were recently delayed and are now due out sometime this summer.

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