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Mortal Kombat: Watch The First 7 Minutes Of The New Movie

We've seen 13 minutes of Mortal Kombat footage, which shows an early battle between Scorpion and Sub-Zero.


The time has come. t the end of this week you'll finally get to watch the new Mortal Kombat movie in theaters or on HBO Max. If you still can't wait, though, you're in luck. Warner Bros. has released the first seven minutes of the film, featuring a battle between the men who will become Scorpion and Sub-Zero, for you to obsess over. What's more, GameSpot has seen the first 13 minutes of the film, which expands on the clip.

If you want to go into the new Mortal Kombat movie without having anything spoiled, you should turn away now and even avoid the clip below.

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The clip and scene center on Hanzo Hasashi, before he becomes Scorpion, living with his wife and children under the protection of, one assumes, the Shirai Ryu--the clan of ninjas he's a member of in the Mortal Kombat video game universe. After running to fetch water, though, Hanzo returns to see his wife and one of his children slaughtered--and frozen in ice--and all of the protective guards around his home killed. Missing is his youngest child, who we see his wife hiding beneath the floorboards of their family home once she realizes an attack is happening.

Seething with rage, Hanzo grabs a garden spade, attaches it to a rope, and proceeds to dispatch an army of rival ninjas in a bloody, violent fashion. It's the earliest version of Scorpion's iconic spear, and it works remarkably well.

That's when viewers meet Bi-Han, the original Sub-Zero in the games. The two launch into an epic fight that sees Bi-Han showing off some of his ice-based powers, while Hanzo makes expert use of the spear. Ultimately, Bi-Han is victorious, leaving Hanzo to die. Before that happens, though, the future Scorpion hears his baby crying from beneath the floorboards of his home and attempts to reach her. However, he succumbs to his injuries before that happens and spontaneously combusts, engulfed in flames.

The scene ends with none other than Raiden appearing and taking the child.

While the film will certainly carve its own path, it seems that large pieces of it, thus far, are leaning heavily on the established lore of the games. That's a big change from the original movie and its sequel. Then again, so is the graphic violence on display in the trailer, and the R-rated film that will follow.

Mortal Kombat premieres in theaters and on HBO Max on April 16.

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