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Mortal Kombat: Watch How Scorpion's Fatalities Have Evolved

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If there's one character who represents Mortal Kombat as an iconic video game franchise, it's Scorpion. The yellow ninja has been around since its inception, which means he's been dishing out fatalities for well over 25 years. We took a look at how those gory finishers have evolved, and what can we say? The man loves fire.

Scorpion has evolved as a character in that time, becoming an undead ninja specter and arch-nemesis of fellow ninja Sub-Zero. It's only fitting that his deadly moves revolve primarily around fire: setting his foes on fire, spitting fire, blowing fire, puncturing a basketball-sized hole through their chest with fire, and so on. It's best not to think too much about the physics of how these toasty skeletons stay standing as he chars them to a crisp.

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But what's a ninja without a weapon? As the character evolved he became less reliant on his spicy breath and more on his signature sword. All this culminates in a fatality from Mortal Kombat X that is so gross we recommend not eating for two hours before watching it. Check it out, along with all the others, in the video above.

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