Mortal Kombat sales 'close to' 3 million - Report

NetherRealm Studios' gruesome brawler racks up body count, sales milestones for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment; MK has already covered costs of Midway acquisition.


The Mortal Kombat franchise has proven its staying power in the nearly two decades since the original arcade game's debut, and the latest entry is reflecting that attribute appropriately. Originally released in April, Mortal Kombat has made the NPD Group's monthly US retail best-sellers chart four months running.

MK is bringing in Mad Kash.
MK is bringing in Mad Kash.

That kind of sales success adds up, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president Martin Tremblay told MCV that Mortal Kombat has now sold "close to" 3 million copies around the world. What's more, the success of the game has already paid for WBIE's costs acquiring the Mortal Kombat series' bankrupt original publisher, Midway. WBIE picked up the bulk of Midway's operations and intellectual property in 2009 for a final cost of $49 million.

"With the launch of Mortal Kombat, we have already paid for the acquisition of the Midway assets, and we are just beginning to leverage this acquisition with much more to come,” Tremblay told the trade site.

The first Mortal Kombat game since 2008's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and the ninth in the series, the reboot is rated M for Mature for pervasive gore accentuated by gruesome fatalities. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's review of Mortal Kombat.

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Avatar image for Trinitarian

ya baby i just scored it on ebay for 30 bucks and the online code for 3 bucks im in the game baby

Avatar image for Trinitarian

When i think back when i was young, the first time ive seen MC was at the arcade. I was awe struck by the action and violence and loved the fatalities. Then, the stars granted my wish, it came to home consoles. I think it was teh sega genises, not sure though, I remember that my friend had the nintendo version and it was te birth of my first system war experience. Then somehow, i found about the code to allow blood in the game, that was the icing on the cake. Man, i wish i could be young again when everything is so fresh and new. I wonder whats its like to be a 12 year old growing up in this game generation. All the now epic graphics are probably taken for granted lol. Well no matter what, i want this game really bad. However, I also really want GOW3,Dark Souls, BF3, Skyrim. I guess ill have to get it used then pay 10 bucks for online, either way, this is a must buy for my childhood sake lol.

Avatar image for zidan4000

i want to join these three million badly but too bad that no one i know play games very well and these kinds of games only shine in versus mode.

Avatar image for DbzJohno

@beak1313 I totally agree with you man!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for beak1313

could you imagine what sales would be like if Australia did not banned the game!?

Avatar image for beak1313

Oh yeah, and this games DLC is the best DLC I have seen for a fighter game as well. You can either pay for the DLC and get a new character and 2 new character skins, or just get the DLC compatibility pack and get the 2 skins for free. I am very happy with these options they give us.... most games make you pay for that stuff no matter what.

Avatar image for beak1313

THis game is fantastic, go pick it up if you do not have it yet! It is fully loaded.

Avatar image for leeko_link

The thing is this gen Mortal Kombat is a much better balanced fighting game then Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and even Tekken 6. The only other two games that came close are BlazBlue and King of Fighters and still MK is more enjoyable than both.

Avatar image for controlfreak25

Mortal Kombat is my best fighting game. SF4 I suck at even with practice. MvC3 i recently rented and it was very fun but I thought that the final boss in arcade was complete bull cause he could nearly kill you in one shot. Soul Calibur I thought was fun for awhile but it slowly died down. So Im left with Mortal Kombat. FATALITY

Avatar image for bradocki

Why compare MK to SSF4 or Tekken or MVC? It's really different and always have been like that, this is why the game has a different crowd and style, i'm glad we finally got a decent MK game and that WB is getting the reward for their investment otherwise the franchise might be going down the can.

Avatar image for HYDROtheDON

i love this game, epecially the ps3 version with kratos

Avatar image for Just-Breathe

3 million is a respectable number.

Avatar image for linkdarkside

MK is better than SF4 and MVC3.

Avatar image for wld007

however....TEKKEN is still and will be the best out there...

Avatar image for wld007

played Tekken, Soul Calibur, Marvel vs Capcom..........thinking about Mortal Kombat....

Avatar image for xpudy

The best most satisfying fighting game evaaaar!!

Avatar image for MindwalkerX

Please, bring it to PC!

Avatar image for nemesis4x

@nyran125 i hope it comes for PC too, but the only thing we can do now is tweet to ed boon, his profile is noobde :) P.S. It looks like some MK hater is thumbing down on all comments

Avatar image for AmnesiaHaze

never understood why they wasted all the years with those crappy games after MK3 , this is the true MK4 for me :D

Avatar image for majere613

I'm not sure if it's the best fighter out there, but it's certainly the best MK I've ever played. That's how you do it, take what's good and build on it.

Avatar image for issa3703

...MK is the best, and for the online i dont care, cause its great game with a lot of contents and DLCs.

Avatar image for xgalacticax

They got it right this time. It's like the last great MK, Trilogy.....but for 2011. Doesn't get much better than that. I hope it wins game of the year. Never seen a fighting game win that before.

Avatar image for quicksilver_03

I've already forseen the success of Mortal Kombat since WB's first announcement. The fact is that it could still go through more than 3 million copies if only other banned countries like Australia and so on will sell copies of MK. To the developers and creators of MK, I salute you on your overwhelming success.

Avatar image for theoardo55

I'm ready for sequel

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

Way to go! :D

Avatar image for drknessfeeds

@ nastyhotpocket I understand your bitterness and frustration and I agree with your choice to wait but I usually buy select titles first day. I love the revamped MK. The several DLC that follows are just a business choice, better way to get money out of the people that bought games used. How can you blame the company, mainly in the fighting game genre, I know capcom will bleed you to death also but rather that than the Fighting genre dissapear for lack of sales...I love games of all sorts but i'm getting Zombie jetlag although dead island looks promising. I started off playing fighting games and they seem to be making a short winded comeback, hope that they continue...

Avatar image for nastyhotpocket

i hope they make a gold edition with all the dlc then i might buy it....ill never buy another new game cause if you wait they will rerelease it with all they dlc screw every gaming company out there.

Avatar image for shaggyaz

GREAT TO HEAR!!!!!!!!! Best MK since 2

Avatar image for Hydrafiend

I'm surprised only 3 mil, I would have thought that pretty much every gamer would have bought this.

Avatar image for 13ALUCARD13

this is the game i think i got hooked onto so yeah can't wait for the next game or DLC

Avatar image for Zephol

This Mortal Kombat is excellent. If not for the criticism that did not give a good score, no doubt sell more.

Avatar image for Chainer323

i'd like to know who the next DLC char will be. i'd put my vote in for Pinhead from the hellraiser movies; imagine the dmg you could do with all those nails in your head

Avatar image for darkcomedian

They deserve it.

Avatar image for Raxyman

The only thing i hated in MK was how cheap Shao Kahn is... Seriously, i hate things like that in fighting games. BTW i'm still shocked from Noob Saibot's fatality...

Avatar image for majin_lebeau

I am a capcom fanboy for life, normally I would argue with facts of why capcom is better at fighters... not this time. Not this time, this Mortal Kombat game is fighter of the year in the genre awards. The game is almost a flawless victory.

Avatar image for Henninger

The best fighting game i've played so far this year. & this MK is quite possibly the best ever made (i still think MK2 is the best). These numbers r surprising only because i thought it would sell more. But its successful none the less. So congrats.

Avatar image for nyran125

PC Version please !!!!! Street fighter 4 arcade edition owns on pc. This would be epic too.

Avatar image for Kid_Black_Star

It Beats MVC3 out of the water. :D

Avatar image for Grovilis

lol And to think that their last game was MK vs DCU.

Avatar image for Neosonic23

Glad They paid Midways debts, That bein said i hope the MK series stays where they are. WB Games did a good job rebooting it.

Avatar image for HaloPimp978

That's great. It's easily the best fighting game of the year. Not even MVC3 can touch it.

Avatar image for neumanbr

It's certainly going to sell much more as this game reestablished the top of awesomeness!!! @The_Mikester99 dude... every single penny is worthy to get this game and even its DLC. It's just buy and enjoy it!!!

Avatar image for ErikElfEar

Good news, it's always nice when GREAT games get good sales.

Avatar image for PseudoElite


Avatar image for GodGundamNT1

3 million world wide?? I knew alot of people with copies of the game, real retail no garbage pirate hacker crap, I expected much more than 3 million though, lets hope it sells some more.

Avatar image for mf1986

i think it would've sold an easy 200k copy in AUS with PS3 and 360 combined.

Avatar image for DevilRebel62


Avatar image for Shehryar_89

BEST MK EVER MADE ! deserve such numbers

Avatar image for masterds64

@elancion GO BACK TO YOUR COD/HALO Joking,Honestly, I've grew up with all the mk games from the past, this is much refined, and unlike street fighter or KOF the mechanics are easier to graps, and the gore...sweetens the deal. There is no such thing as bad taste in games, well except for Cod...halo's good...needs moar blood though...

Avatar image for MemberUnknown

They tried to gather as many fans as possible with this new release. So I am not surprised it has sold as much as this.

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