Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition coming to Australia

Fighting game finally headed Down Under; Komplete Edition to include DLC characters Scarlet, Kenshii, Rain, and Freddy Krueger.


Almost two years since being refused classification, twice, NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat has today finally received approval to be sold in Australia. The news comes after the Komplete Edition of the game was granted the R18+ rating for its high-impact violence, blood and gore, and moderate-impact language and themes. The announcement was made just a month after the game's Australian distributor, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, confirmed it would submit the game for consideration.

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The game became one of the country's highest-profile titles to be banned from sale, and further spurred the long-running national debate over the need for the introduction of a mature rating for games. The Classification Board denied its first two submissions on the grounds of its "explicit" violence, blood spray, and limb dismemberment during fatalities, meaning it was unable to be accommodated within the then-maximum MA15+ guidelines.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is not the first game to receive Australia's new R18+ rating. Last month, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge was given the black sticker shortly after the classification was introduced on January 1 this year. However, Mortal Kombat has the distinction of being the first game to be re-rated after the introduction of the adult category.

The Komplete Edition version will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and will include all previously released downloadable content: playable characters Scarlet, Kenshii, Rain, and Freddy Krueger. Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment declined to comment on an expected release date, or whether the PlayStation Vita version of Mortal Kombat will also be sold in Australia.

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The marketing team did a great job with the title of this product. Never compete with those 'K's

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what about the vita version that was supposed to be included in the PS+ freebies?

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Too Late its old lol

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About time, i had it on ps3 in ireland but moved to oz and thought i could buy it for the vita,

stupid bans

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bahaha i've owned it for almost a year now.

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Not that I'm not happy Australians can legally play it now but it's WAY too late at this point. Fighting games are dependent on its online communities unless it has a large arcade and offline scene. MK doesn't have either of those and game is nearly dead. Going to be further outshined by the same studios' next game, Injustice: Gods Among Us which is also a fighting game. Yeah, waste of time at this stage.

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@xOmniCloudx I think that having Australians buy it, it may revive the online scene...especially if Ed boon decides "why not?" and creates a few more DLC characters and stages, like Tanya, Havok, Bo'ri'chu (sp?), Tremor, and Cyber Smoke and Cyber Reptile for fun. Also perhaps have Freddy's boiler room with a unique fatality, The Lin Kuei acadamy, the Lin Kuei Cyber ninja laboratory, Johnny Cages's film studio, and so on...and perhaps alternate skins for the DLC characters, so Freddy can have a human form, or the Klassic Freddy (Robert Englunds Freddy's appearance)

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And they're all robots and bleed motor oil...

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approved by the time no one cares. good going!

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About time!

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Congratulations, Australia. You finally got it. :)