Mortal Kombat invades DC Universe

Midway working on a komic book krossover for gory fighting franchise; game won't carry M for Mature rating.


Mortal Kombat is getting a major makeover. For the first original installment on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Midway is not only tinkering with some of the fundamental features of the long-running fighting franchise, it's going to feature a crossover cast of characters pulled from the pages of DC Comics.

That means Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe will feature Sub-Zero and Scorpion taking on the likes of Superman and Batman. Other characters from each universe have yet to be confirmed for the game, but Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon told GameSpot the developers were looking for counterparts between the two brands.

The new characters won't be the only changes to the Mortal Kombat formula. Comic fans would no doubt cry foul if Superman dismembered an opponent and then proceeded to beat him to death with his own limbs, so Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe won't carry the familiar M for Mature rating.

As for the storyline excuse for the crossover, some unspecified climactic event causes the Mortal Kombat and DC universes to begin merging. Each world sees itself as being attacked by the other, and their respective characters join the fight to repel the strange invaders. To help pen the tale, Midway has enlisted comic creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey. The two have worked together previously on a number of DC and Marvel comics including Jonah Hex and Shana the She-Devil.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is set for release this fall. For more details on the game and its new fighting system, check out GameSpot's first preview.

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to all idiots who think there's no violence or fatalities, please read. Ed Boon has already confirmed that DC villians and all MK characters WILL have fatalities. DC heroes, who typically don't kill all that much, will have Brutalities instead (basically fatalities, but aren't fatal, no pun intended). And yes, there will be blood. If you guys ever saw the trailer, you'd see Batman getting blood smashed out of his face from a punch. They already said that they would push the T rating as far as possible without crossing the line, so there will be plenty of violence. Now, I haven't been much of a Mortal Kombat fan, but I've been a huge DC fan. (DC owns Marvel!) Superman's awesome, Batman's awesome, the Flash is awesome, the entire JLA is awesome etc. The only cool guys I know from Marvel are the Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Ghost Rider. BUt anyways, it was the DC part that actually caught my attention. After that, I went around and I rented every Mortal Kombat game I could find, and frankly, I don't really care if there's not that much gore. Fatalities are mandatory, that's for sure, but excessive gore isn't that important. Sure, it was fun to rip people's heart out as well as ripping them in half, but really they aren't that important. I don't mind how many thumbs down ratings I get, but I'm telling you, fatalities will be in the game, but there will be less gore than previous titles (though the good part is, you can see bruises, cuts and torn clothing on the character when you're in the middle of a long brawl). Oh, and DC kicks Marvel's butt.

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They want to stay away from gore because of the DC characters but the Mortal Kombat characters need the gore.

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really not to sure about this one. Hopefully Midway will come through.

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No M-rating i think this game won't be good so does that mean no more bloody gore fatalities.

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Caos_302 Spidey is a Marvel Character

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chaos.............jump off a cliff.........i hope u didnt reallyy think spiderman is on bumb ass DC....

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I agree with vecter777vs666. This game looks very odd, but I guess it can still be enjoyable. By the way, this won't have an M-rating.

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I've never ... ever commented in my whole life in but after seeing chaos_302's comment ... I just had to! chaos_302 before you even go dissing a game please please PLEASE get your info straight! You don't have to be a comicbook geek to know which company created Spiderman ... geddemnit! That said ... MK vs DC ... WTF?!

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Chaos your an idiot, spider-man is not DC hes Marvel and i should know since im a marvel fan and DC sucks so dont insult someone like spider-man by saying hes on DC Universe

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come on for gods sake bring on the gore......the merging dosnt disappoint me.....its the lack of gore that brings tears to my eyes.....i would love to see scorpion rip off spidermansn spine out...

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Um.... what....WTF?!?

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now they really screw up with MK, which is terrible cause MK used to be a classic.

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Wow this sucks.

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Holy Crap a " T " rated Mortal Kombat game!! Thats a horrible idea.

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The whole "crossover" thing is kinda great idea....but with DC Universe....I don't know but exept from Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman, I don't know any other...With Marvel Universe would have been a better idea like it was said before....Seeing Spider-Man getting headless would have been special....

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there are going to be fantalitys and blood

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Midway should go back to and re-think what they are doing and I hope some one from Midway reads this cause its NOT GOOD FOR M.K !!! Did they run our of ideas or something ? what happend to the Story ? the Characters ? I am not excited for this game now! I was waiting for a preview for such a long time and then i see this ! Honestly I love bat man and everything but IT WONT MAKE SENSE IF HE STOOD UP TO SUB-ZERO OR SCORPION!! Midway should seriously re-consider this, cause it wont be as good as they think it will. I own all M.K games including the 2D versions on SEGA! now in the year 2008 this will kill my collection !

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I doubt MK vs. DC is going to signify the death of the MK franchise. Having been a comic fan for many years, I am interested in the concept. Removing all the blood and gore would be a mistake though.. even DC comics have had their share of violence over the past decade - check out Batman's Dark Knight series for a quick example.

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how can they mess with MK . sould have made it 2D at least that way maybe just maybe I give it a shot but 3D not even close man sorry not interested.

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is this a late April fools joke? this is gonna totally ruin MK universe

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WHAT THE HELL?! this is gonna ruin the MK series. i have been a longtime MK fan but this is messed up. The best thing about MK was the gore and fighting but now it's gonna be sub-zero VS a guy with a gimp suit and bat ears, they should have left the MK games as they were, with fatalities and JUST mortal kombat characters!

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they didnt even finish the last contuinities. and no fatalities??

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Look, I'm not gona jump to conclusions, O'm gona wait and see. However, I do agree that a diferent MK crosover might have been beter.

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I agree a Killer Instinct meets Mortal Kombat would have been insane.

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Gee, this sounds about as impressive as "Mortal Kombat Vs Mario Bros.", I'll pass this one up completely, just as I have all the other Mortal Kombat's.

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sounds fun to me since Im a fan of both DC & Mortal Kombat how disappointed, no gore >

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Should have gone with Killer Instinct...they have fatalities (flashes) and SABREWULF! No fatalities=Armageddon?

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-mikekcook "Sub-Zero vs Batman looks pretty cool, but Midway definately should've went with Marvel Universe instead" I don't think this would be an option as Capcom already made this move by making Marvel vs Capcom. Midway is trying the same concept but since Capcom beat them to Marvel they have to go with Marvels rival company DC. Marvel vs. Capcom (ARC) << LINK REMOVED >>

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... Midway has truly run out of ideas for the MK franchise.

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No blood, no fatalities, no dice for me.

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will it be m rated

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LORD COSMOS IS UNIMPRESSED my sonya will always defeat your inferior bat-antics! LETS HOPE THEY ADD A QUEST MODE a'la EHRGEIZ

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Sub-Zero vs Batman looks pretty cool, but Midway definately should've went with Marvel Universe instead, considering I don't think Wolverine would've had any problem at all with sheddin' blood with Scorpion, and they could've kept the M rating which was practically their signature. Ed talks about finding counterparts for Mortal Kombat but, in my opinion, the only decent counterparts are from the Marvel Universe. Think about it... Scorpion vs Wolverine Raiden vs Dr. Doom Goro vs The Incredible Hulk But now they're coming out with all new characters except Sub-Zero & Scorpion, which is kinda cool, but kinda sucks at the same time. I hope they at least keep Raiden, he's like the father of Mortal Kombat. I'll just have to hope for the best. I'm not saying it's gonna suck, but i'm not saying it's gonna be great. I'm not saying anything til' I see more.

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Once you get past the idea of Batman fighting Sub-Zero, the whole idea falls flat like a half used bottle of Pepsi. I know Ed Boon has a strong love for his MK franchise, but he should let Scorpion and Co. sit this one out. Here's another idea. There could be a story mode where you can choose either a DC hero or a DC villain. In Villain Story Mode you fight heroes and in Hero Story Mode you fight the villains. Villains could include Bane, Cheetah, Bizarro, Killer Frost (you can even use some of Sub-Zero's moves for her.) C'mon guys, I'm giving you this stuff for free. Use it!

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im sry but if for once the DC Universe could show it has the tenacity to prove it can withstand gore, then id buy this game. I think it'd be awesome to see Batman rip out someone's heart. It'd definitely be a step up from the Christian Bale version i saw in the movie. so why not try gore? I'm not saying MK can't survive without gore, im just saying that those who believe that is the essence of the game will probably not buy this. Believe me when i say MK has a larger fan base.

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ay MY POINT EXACTLY RIZER!! u hit the point right on the head!!!

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idk, i've been playing MK games since MK2.... it's not so much the gore i'm torn up over because i used to have to turn the gore down for my mom.... but its just the fact that i've seen this story line too many times... it's awesome when you combine two universes, but why, why, why, why did they choose DC and MK??? what the hell were they thinking? I mean, the last two games that i've seen have been "interesting," Marvel Nemesis and Warriors Orochi.... interesting indeed.... but i don't know if this is the combination that i want to see. how does that randomly come up in conversation? hey i wonder who would win, Baraka or Superman?? wtf?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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W-what? The DC character don't even come close to the Mortal Combat atmosphere. And Superman and the like are way to overpowered, I know the interveiw says tht they going to add storyline that explain this, but they going to have to dumb them down a LOT. I guess it had to happen some time though, character crossovers seem to be really popular lately. Still...DC? I would have started with character like, Kratos from "God of War" or other video games that had dark, bad ass characters. Heck, if you wanted to throw comics in, Hellboy or Mavel ones like Ghostrider, Deadpool, Venom, Wolverine, The Punisher, ect. I can see them in there, and no one fighting the image of it, even if you keep the fatalities. But DC has too many old fashioned "nice guys" in it along with a very contrasting art style. Bright capes with underwear tights VS dark, blooded, ninja gear. Heck, if you even threw a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in there it would be a better match due to the fact at least they perform martial arts. Scorpian: "Get over here!" *spear bounces off of Superman's chest* Superman: "Uh...No?"

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Now way! If I can't make Superman melt a guy with his eyes or have Batman run over a guy in his Bat Mobile to "Finish Him" I won't be interested. Mortal Kombat needs to keep the Fatalities if they want this game to sell well.

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Y'know what, Midway? Most people think this is a bad move. It generally means making MK nicer, and making DC dirtier... which nobody wants. So here's a better Idea; forget Mortal Kombat for now. Put all your energy into making a kick-ass DC Universe fighting game. You can even make a decent story as to why the heroes would fight each other (mind control, simulator, clones made by Braniac or Luthor to replace the JLA, etc.) If you can get the license to do a Marvel vs DC game, that would be even better. There you go. You don't even have to give me credit for that.... it's on me. Make the game we want to play.

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firebreathing "Wewerepirates, taking the blood/gore/violence away from MK is like taking out the light sabers from star wars............." That's an interesting thing to say because plenty of Star Wars tie ins have done fine without Light sabers and Jedi. But it wouldn't be DCU if Superman was pulling peoples arms off and beating them to death with them or Batman was riping out peoples still beating heart. Cross overs have to find a middle ground. Is gore all there is to the MK franchise, is it really not MK if the gore is taken down a notch? I don't think so, it's a part of what makes MK but take that away and there is still a lot there. But really that wasn't what I was getting at, if the game is good (or even bad) does it really matter how faithful to the MK franchise it is?

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i have a feeling that this game is gonna blow up, then fall through that hole. no fatalities less gore, no good reviews after you play it. i wanna watch a heart beating in my players hand to show i won.

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I think mortal kombat can do fine without the excessive gore. maybe it's the solid fighting engine which made the game good.

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Needs more Marvel, and gore. Yes, comic fans do indeed want to see superman dismember an opponent. Well, some of us, at least.

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Yuck ........... is this 3D

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I am guessin GS is gona give a high score for this one

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Don't back him up CharmedGamer!