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Mortal Kombat Gets Its Own Line Of Funko Pop Figures

Sorry, no Ermac or Mileena for you.


Given Funko's apparent mission to give the Pop treatment to everything on the planet, it's kind of shocking when you realize a big series doesn't already have any Pop figures available. Mortal Kombat falls into that category, but not for much longer, as Funko today announced a line of Pop Vinyl figures is on the way featuring Sub-Zero and company.

10 different Pop figures based on the Mortal Kombat series have been announced, although these only represent six different characters due to alternate versions and store exclusives. Series stars Sub-Zero and Scorpion are well-represented--Sub-Zero gets a total of three just to himself--while Raiden, Kitana, Liu Kang, and Goro also get one.

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You can see all of the figures in the gallery above. One version of Sub-Zero is a limited-edition Chase variant. Scorpion's flaming skull version will be a Hot Topic exclusive, while Goro (a larger-than-standard 6-inch figure) and the Sub-Zero and Scorpion two-pack will only be found at GameStop. All of these arrive in November.

The release of these Funko Pop figures isn't tied to any new game. The most recent title in the series is Mortal Kombat X, which launched back in 2015 before getting an updated version, Mortal Kombat XL, a year later. The next game in the series has not been announced, although developer NetherRealm continues to release new content for its latest title, Injustice 2.

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