Mortal Kombat 9 Is No Longer Available On Steam

Mortal Kombat 9 has disappeared from the Steam PC store, although it remains available digitally on PS3.


Mortal Kombat, also known as Mortal Kombat 9, is no longer available for purchase digitally on Steam. As VG247 has reported, the game's Steam page states that the Komplete Edition--the only edition available for sale digitally--was removed from sale "at the request of the publisher."

While it's not entirely clear why this has happened, VG247 speculates that its removal may have something to do with the rights to Freddy Krueger, who appears as a fighter in the Komplete Edition. As reported by Bloody Disgusting, the rights to the character reverted back to Wes Craven's estate in 2019, and thus his appearance in the game might need to be re-negotiated.

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As of right now, the game is still available for digital purchase on PlayStation 3, but not on Xbox 360. It's unclear whether this is set to change, or whether there are plans to return the game to Steam or other digital stores in the future.

Mortal Kombat 9, which served as a sort-of reboot of the series, was well-received by fans of the series, but the Mortal Kombat community (kommunity?) has largely moved on to Mortal Kombat 11.

Mortal Kombat fans have a new movie to look forward to--but they can also check out the classic 1995 film, which is coming to Netflix in April.

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