Morrowind expansion goes gold

Bethesda's second expansion pack for its first-person RPG will ship in early June, and all the Bloodmoon content will be in the Xbox GOTY edition coming late this year.


Bethesda Softworks has announced that Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon has gone gold and will ship to retail stores in North America early next month. The second add-on for Morrowind, Bloodmoon takes players to the frozen island of Solstheim, where the empire is establishing a new mining colony. The adventure on the island will introduce players to many new quests and includes the opportunity to play as a werewolf. Bloodmoon adds a number of new weather effects, as well as new monsters like frost trolls and ice minions.

Bethesda also announced that all the content in the two PC expansion packs, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, will be released in the upcoming Morrowind Game of the Year edition for the Xbox.

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