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PopTop reveals information about the resource system in its strategy game set on a tropical island.


PopTop Software and Gathering of Developers released some information on Tropico's resource system today. In Tropico, players assume the role of a dictator of a small Caribbean island and must develop it into a prosperous nation. The necessary resources to achieve this goal include money, labor, time, minerals, and crops. Manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and tourism are some of the main economic industries on the island that earn money for the player.

Money is the main resource, and it can be spent in many ways to improve the island. The first is building construction. Buildings are necessary to attract tourists, but if the player has no money, then nothing can be built. Workers on the island also need to be paid to keep the residents happy. But the happiness quickly fades into trouble when money is low. Money is also required to pass new laws because lawyers need to be paid for their part in the legislative process.

Other resources also have a direct impact on the game. People must have food and work, or they will riot and won't get anything done. Players must also construct buildings, manage the economy, and educate the islanders. Goods that have to be refined or exported are best located near refineries and ports, and crops like sugarcane must be planted on appropriate farmland in order to get the necessary amount of rainfall.

Tropico uses an improved version of the S3D engine, which was used in Railroad Tycoon II. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game. Tropico is scheduled for release in April.

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